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    How Ashton Kutcher And Marissa Mayer Getaround

    [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCdvlZsIybI]Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, Ashton Kutcher, Menlo Venture’s Shervin Pishevar and Google’s Eric Schmidt are the biggest names that make up Getaround’s $13.9 million Series A round, which was just announced today.

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    Internet to PandoDaily: Sorry, We Don’t Want the Stuff in Your Garage

    A few weeks ago, PandoDaily managing editor Nathan Pensky had a foosball table to get rid of, and wanted to sell it on the Internet. This was clearly intern work, but Sarah Lacy (being the angel that she is) suggested I make a story out of it. So for the past month, I’ve been going from cyber door to cyber door to sell Nathan’s foosball table, posting…

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    The Magic of Leap Motion Is Now at Developers’ Fingertips

    Being able to control a computer screen with your finger is no longer just a mediocre superpower. Its what over 26,000 developers are dying to be a part of. Today, the San Francisco based Leap Motion is releasing its developer application numbers to the world. They have “developers in 143 countries and all 50 US states,” the company says, and the variety doesn’t stop there. CEO Michael Buckwald is impressed by the the sheer diversity of applications. They have an…
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    Springboard Welcomes New Accelerator Class of Women Led Companies

    As with many stories in history, Springboard was started by a few people who were pissed off with the way things were. Kay Kopolvitz and Amy Millman wanted to know why VCs weren’t backing more women. The answer they got? They just weren’t seeing many pitches from women to begin with. That, they decided, was a problem they could solve. The…

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    CelebJuicer: The Big Data Company TMZ Interns Dream About

    “Hey, my new show airs tomorrow, and I hear we’re in the same time slot. I’ve always dreamed of sharing a night with you…” “is ur bed is big enough for steven, randy and jen too? ;)” If you can believe it, that first line was said by “Golden Girl” Betty White, and the next by host of “American Idol,” Ryan Seacrest. This conversation was not…