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    Another Day, Another New Marketplace: Park Please Tackles City Parking

    If beta parking marketplace Park Please looks familiar, it’s because the user experience was inspired by apartment hunting app PadMapper. “Parking totally sucks here. We wanted a map that requires less clicks and less searching to keep the site focused on location and price,” says Co-Founder and CEO Charlie Ansanelli. Launching this weekend in SF, Park Please is a local marketplace where people can rent out garages, driveways and parking spots, narrowing in on a segment once only…
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    Like Any Investor Not In Twitter, Reid Hoffman Regrets Passing on It

    [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDDcN90V3UQ] At PandoMonthly in San Francisco, Reid Hoffman tells Sarah Lacy he didn’t understand the potential of Twitter early enough to become an investor, and it’s one of his biggest regrets. “When I initially heard about Twitter, I thought, why are people motivated…to do the status update,” says Hoffman. “By the time I got it, so had a bunch of other people and it was past my angel investing criteria.”

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    Reid Hoffman: On Knowing What Your Product Isn’t

    LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman reflected at tonight’s PandoMonthly about the ways people recommended he make the site more sexy. “From 2003 to 2008, there was a steady conversation I would have with people that went ‘you really suck cause you’re not Friendster, you really suck cause you’re not Myspace, you really suck cause you’re not Facebook,'” says Hoffman. Hoffman got used…

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    Reid Hoffman: Being a Billionaire Was Plan B to Academia

    [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZeLhxx6RW0]At tonight’s PandoMonthly, Reid Hoffman revealed how his plan to be an academic shaped his career as an entrepreneur. But before he discovered his calling, Hoffman explains he panicked. “I put years into crafting this plan [to be an academic], and all of the sudden four months into the process, it was a train wreck,” says Hoffman. Earning his bachelor’s at Stanford and being in Silicon Valley sparked his interest in philosophy, which he went…

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    Kinect 3D Body Scanner In First Store, Next Races to Ecommerce

    While it started as a university research project in the early 2000s, London-based 3D body scanner Bodymetrics had become a real company by 2010 with a jean sizing scanner inside an Oxford Street department store and a deep understanding of data sets for 3D body mapping. Yet inventor and CEO Suran Goonatilake admits it was stuck. “We had a great business model, but we…

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    FreeMonee Now Flush With $34 Million of Its Own Cash to Kill Coupons

    FreeMonee challenges retailers to stop investing in coupons and start giving that money away to its most coveted customers. Give FreeMonee the cash, it says it’ll deliver the customer. Today the San Mateo-based startup announced a $34 million Series B investment, adding to an $11 million Series A in 2010, which it will use to expand its cash incentive model for retail direct marketing. The…

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    Post-Google Deal, Wildfire Hints at Importance of Influencers

    Call them what you’d like, “Influencer,” “Advocate,” “Superfan,” every brand is after the ones who’ll most benefit its word-of-mouth marketing. Last week Wildfire Interactive was acquired by Google; today the company released a report that outlines the value of a true fan. Is this a sign the social SaaS platform, which streamlined the manual process of companies running promotional campaigns and gaining fans, will be…

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    Amid Birth Control and Breastfeeding News, Two Startups Aim to Educate Women

    Two startups are targeting women as early users of their social health and wellness platforms, and with recent changes and controversy in women’s health initiatives, they could not have emerged at a better time. HealthTap launched last year, and ChickRx just launched in July with Q&A platforms for patients seeking credible health information. It’s been a busy week for both sites: Under a new health law, insurance companies are now required to cover women’s preventive care at no…
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    Zipcar Nearly Breaks Even in Q2, Bets On a Startup to Beat the Rental Giants

    On today’s earnings call, Zipcar reported a second-quarter loss of $422,000, or $0.01 a share, nearly putting the car sharing company in the black for the first time since going public last year. Analysts, who predicted Zipcar would break-even, were not surprised by the numbers, but as CEO Scott Griffith explained his strategy for profitability, they may have been surprised to hear him mention a San Francisco peer-to-peer car sharing platform called Wheelz. As our own Sophia Horowitz described…
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    Watch Everything in 3-D? Here’s How One Inventor Is Making it Possible

    Gene Dolgoff remembers looking around his hometown of Manhattan as a child and thinking “I have to record and play back this experience.” Dolgoff thinks he’s found a way with 3-D Vision, a converter that instantly transforms any 2-D video content — from TV to video games — into 3-D using algorithms that present stereoscopic image pairs and give the illusion of depth. Now, the…

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