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    What to expect when Apple’s expecting

    So you’ve decided that you’re interested in whatever Apple has to announce on Tuesday. Now you’re probably wondering how you should prepare for this consumeristic clusterfuck and what to expect in the hours and days following the announcement. That’s okay. We’ll do this together. The day before the event. Congratulations, you’re expecting an Apple announcement to come any day now!...
  • GA Washington DC

    General Assembly arrives in Washington DC, partners with 1776

    A couple of years ago, entrepreneurial educational institution General Assembly scouted Washington DC and decided there wasn’t enough startup activity to warrant starting a program in the city just yet. This year, now that incubator-cum-startup community 1776 has established itself in the heart of the nation’s capital and consolidated much of the city’s startup activity within its campus, General Assembly…

  • So, Laura Sydell, what do you really think of Nathan Myhrvold?

    Much of the summer we’ve been digging into the current situation with patents — and proposed changes to make it worse for trolls and more fair to real innovators. But the news organization that did the best job at translating this wonky topic into something a general audience could understand — and be outraged by — was NPR’s...
  • fight on the internet

    Let’s start a fight on the Internet

    Let’s start a fight on the Internet. It will be fun. We shall feel that rush of adrenaline that comes only with real and intense conflict. We shall dispense cutting wisdom with withering wit. The crowds will look on in wonder, jaws slack, typing fingers rendered immobile. We shall spar; we shall joust; we shall fight with the righteousness of…

  • PandoMonthly New York with Warby Parker CEO Neil Blumenthal, the full interview

    Hipsters, raise your glasses: The full PandoMonthly interview with Warby Parker CEO and co-founder Neil Blumenthal is available for streaming below. Blumenthal took the stage in New York to discuss the journey that took him from making fake IDs to making unpretentious — or so he says — glasses, why the Web-savvy Warby Parker needs old-school...
  • politico-startupAAA

    Watch out, startup communities: The Congressmen are coming

    The worlds of Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill are still separated by more than just thousands of miles. The two cultures – one predicated on agility and risk, the other on process and consultation – occupy opposite ends of the ideological spectrum when it comes to Getting Things Done. The tech industry and startup world are only just waking up…

  • DecisionCubeAAA

    BuzzFeed has a Medium problem

    BuzzFeed ought to thank Personhood USA. The anti-abortion group has exposed a serious flaw in the upstart publication’s system. With a BuzzFeedalicious listicle detailing the reasons why Planned Parenthood is the work of promiscuous, condomless Satan, Personhood has provided yet another sterling example of why platforms and publications don’t mix. The “8 Outrageous Things Planned Parenthood Was Caught Doing” article…

  • Kathryn Finney

    Digitalundivided ups the dialogue on getting more black people into tech

    Katherine Finney’s dad was a high-school dropout living in inner-city Milwaukee and working for a brewery, unloading boxes from a truck. His life path seemed pretty much set. But then, at 36 years old, he took a data-entry class taught by someone from IBM, which had an office nearby. The training program was part of a national re-education push by…

  • lucille

    The tech industry’s dirty secrets (à la Reddit)

    About a week ago a thread on Reddit appeared aiming to set the world straight about the ways of the world. The thread was entitled, “What is a ‘dirty little (or big) secret’ about an industry that you have worked in, that people outside the industry really ought to know?” And, with the vitriol the world has begun...
  • [Image via The Dismemberment Plan]

    Distortion meets disruption: The crossover between startups and indie bands

    Next month, Travis Morrison and his band The Dismemberment Plant will embark on a 13-city tour of the United States. On October 15, the iconic indie band will release “Uncanny Valley,” its first studio album in 12 years. At the same time, Morrison is deep into his work on Shoutabl, a startup he co-founded with fellow musician-turned-entrepreneur Travis Donovan. The…

  • 24

    Nextdoor finally has an Android app. Great! Here are the next features I want

    Nirav Tolia has admitted that it took Nextdoor, the social network for neighborhoods, way too long to come up with an iPhone app. We detailed why in a previous story, with a picture of a tortoise. It’s been featured in the app store every day since it launched this morning, so taking the time to get it right appears...
  • Jack-Ma

    UCWeb becomes first Chinese Internet company to hit No. 1 in India, adds Jack Ma to board

    Historically, Chinese Internet companies haven’t had much luck when it comes to international expansion. Ecommerce giant Alibaba attempted to enter the US a few years ago, only to ultimately consolidate its operations back within the borders of the Middle Kingdom. More recently, China’s tech industry focus has switched to Tencent, the country’s largest Internet company, which is moving aggressively to…

  • aaron_levie_feature

    Aaron Levie, elephant hunter: Why the cloud’s consummate poster boy is actually an outlier

    Do you ever have one of those dreams where everything seems mostly normal, but it’s not until you wake up that you realize something really reality-alteringly bizarre was going on? That moment when you’re sipping your morning coffee, and you think: Wait a minute! My office isn’t under water… That’s was a bit like my Tuesday. I was shadowing
  • epic

    Epic and Medium step together into longform experiment

    On two occasions, Joshua Davis has spent seven years working on a story that lives a brief, bright life in the pages of a glossy magazine, only to be ultimately confined to a dark corner of the Internet. A national magazine will go to great lengths to give a longform story first-class treatment. Designers and editors shine that thing up…

  • saveas

    AngelList pushes back against proposed SEC rules: Vital action, bad politics, or both?

    Actions by AngelList and others in the startup community to push back against proposed Securities and Exchange Commission rules for “general solicitation” that could make life hard for startups amount to a “political mistake,” a tech policy consultant has said. Last week, AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant submitted a letter to the SEC outlining concerns about new filing rules that he…

  • Lock and key

    Fundraising, Silicon Valley-style

    Everyone knows that the epicenter of Silicon Valley has shifted north to San Francisco. There’s a lot of digital ink spilled on all the ways that’s bad for the city. Vacancy rates are less than 5%. Housing prices are surging. Traffic is bad again. Plenty of people think high tech ruins what’s great about this city. Well, having a city...

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