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    PandoList: MIT All-Stars

    What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of MIT? I took a poll and got “techy,” “nerd,” “pocket protector,” “book worm,” and “indoor nerd.” Well, based on our list of MIT graduates, the responses should have been more along the lines of “roboticist,” “inventor,” “venture capitalist,” “computer scientist,” and “geolocation expert.” We spoke with Brad Feld, who told us about his college antics and love of science fiction, and Colin Angle, who invented the Roomba…

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    PandoList: Top Webizens, or Politically-Minded Techies

    We’re back with another balls-to-the wall edition of the PandoList, and this time we spoke to some politically-minded techies, aka “Webizens.” Where political change used to be brought about through sheer force of will and stodgy old men wearing wigs, the new landscape is as much about properly utilizing the Web, as it is about lobbying Washington. We spoke with Tim O’Reilly who told us about the earliest days of O’Reilly Media, Jen Pahlka who started Code for America, founder…

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    PandoList: Top 5 Android Aces

    This week we’ve featured five people who are not only amazing developers, but who are incredibly successful designing Android applications. There’s also one mediocre super power in there that is one of the most creative we’ve heard so far! Check out our Android Magicians.

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    PandoList: Top 5 UC Berkeley Engineers

    Guess what, it’s time for another student list. Except this time, we’ve profiled UC Berkeley’s top Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students. These guys are all incredibly impressive. (Watch out Stanford…) Keep an eye out for them, as they’re certain to have a big impact.

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    Pandolist: Top 5 Tech Marketers

    This week we’re profiling the top tech marketers. Since there are so many people in this field, the list was not easy to come up with. But here are five people that we believe have made an impact in a big way.

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    Top 5 Stanford CS Students You Should Know

    For our second week of the PandoList, we’ve profiled Stanford’s top CS students. You should keep an eye on these guys, as they’ll probably be doing some pretty awesome things in the future! Check out Stanford’s top 5 CS students you should know…

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    Pandolist Part One: iOS Magicians

    Introducing the Pandolist! In this new weekly feature, we profile the people you should know in a particular area of tech entrepreneurship, and why you should know them. First up: iOS Magicians!

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