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New York

May 14th 2015 6:00pm

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Chairwoman, Founder and CEO,

San Francisco

July 16th 2015 6:00pm

Dave Goldberg

CEO, SurveyMonkey

San Francisco

August 20th 2015 6:00pm

Sze & Hoffman

Greylock Partners: David Sze & Reid Hoffman

New York

September 17th 2015 6:00pm

Jason Hirschhorn

CEO + Chief Curator, The ReDEF Group

San Francisco

October 29th 2015 6:00pm

Greg Glassman

Founder and CEO of CrossFit Inc.

New York

November 12th 2015 6:00pm


Co-CEOs: Philippe Von Borries and Justin Stefano

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