Congressman Luis Gutierrez has responded to a recent open letter from immigration and innovation academic Vivek Wadhwa, who earlier this week accused Gutierrez of holding back progress on visas for science, technology, engineering, and math graduates by insisting on retaining a “diversity visa” that allows less-qualified immigrants to settle in the US. “Without the reduction in legal immigration, most of the House Republicans pushing the STEM visas bill would not have supported it,” Gutierrez says in the letter posted on TechCrunch. “By insisting that legal immigration be reduced, most Democrats were opposed, because, well, that is the problem we are trying to alleviate. This false choice, which pits one set of potential immigrants against another set of potential immigrants, does not serve us well, nor does it get us to a solution.” We covered the politics of division in a recent post on the immigration debate. [Source: TechCrunch]