After the launch of the new Digg, traffic has doubled and consumer confidence is on the rise. According to The Verge, 81 percent of users would recommend the site to others, which is up from the 8 percent this past summer. Also, the site is getting the seal of approval from publications like BuzzFeed, which has seen referral traffic jump 40 percent month over month since the new Digg launched, and editor of The Atlantic Wire stating, “there’s been a steady uptick for us since their relaunch in July. I don’t even remember if Digg was in operation in January of 2012, but they’ve sent us more than ten times as much traffic this month than a year ago.” The problem is the new Digg has nothing to do with the old “user powered content” Digg.  No down voting, no comments, and editors have a say in top stories. Betaworks states this will be changing. [Source: The Verge]