Flipboard has made three major new hires – and they’re a package deal. Eric Feng, ex CTO of Hulu, has joined the company as its new CTO, and he is joined by fellow Hulu alumni Eugene Wei and Even Li. Feng and Wei together founded social content startup Erly, which was acquired by Airtime last year, where Lee was also a top developer. Before joining Hulu, Feng and Li had founded Mojiti, an online video annotation service. Feng says he will be running the tech and engineering team as well as driving product vision and thinking about new initiatives, including new platforms and markets. Feng says we will see big changes this year for Flipboard, and that it may move beyond magazine and news content. “Flipboard has the opportunity to re-imagine what a window into the Web looks like when the Web is being fundamentally changed by social and mobile,” Feng says. We recently wrote about Feng joining the advisory board of video-streaming company Crunchyroll.