Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar’s next startup has been the subject of intense speculation since he left the video streaming giant. When he relocated from LA to San Francisco with a who’s who of former Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon employees, Kilar was particularly tight lipped about what he was then calling “The Fremont Project.” But in a blog post today, Kilar revealed the business’ real name – Vessel – and its list of notable investors: Benchmark, Greylock and Jeff Bezos’, Bezos Expeditions. (Recode puts the undisclosed sum in the range of $75 million.) And while earlier rumors suggested Kilar may be building a subscription platform targeting print publishers, the latest intel – by way of Hollywood’s the Wrap – indicates that it is in-fact a subscription video play aimed at short-form content. There’s been a lot of smoke and mirrors for this young company, but slowly the pieces are coming together. Whatever Kilar ultimately reveals, one thing is obvious: Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue are all holding their breath in anticipation. [Source: Vessel]