Former longtime editor Kerry Lauerman today announced the official launch of The Dodo – a new site backed by Lerer Ventures that’s devoted to coverage of animals. With the success of documentaries like “The Cove” and “Blackfish,” and with Rolling Stone’s much-talked-about report on factory farming, it seems like an auspicious time for serious animal-themed journalism – which is exactly what Lauerman promises. He says the new media property “is not (just) all those cute cat and puppy videos.” To that end, one of the first pieces he’s published is a hard-hitting report by James McWilliams about his fallout with over coverage of SeaWorld. In the article, McWilliams derides media outlets’ penchant for “exclud(ing) animal interests while furthering those who profit from their exploitation.” That looks like the opposite of the editorial perspective of The Dodo. – Sirota