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  1. elsewhere

    How a Norwegian public radio station is using Snapchat to connect young listeners with news

    P3nyheter want to present news to young people where they are,” he wrote. “It is a challenge for news broadcasters today to reach young people, and we think social media is a good place to introduce news stories to them.” – Nieman Lab
  3. Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.17.22 PM

    CNN and Don Lemon did not have a good day in Ferguson

    In the span of less than 24 hours, CNN anchor Don Lemon ended up with egg on his face not once, but twice in discussions relating to the shooting of unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last week. Last night, Lemon was engaged in a talk with Van Jones, former green jobs advisor to President Obama, and conservative talking head Ben Ferguson over the use of automatic weapons as they relate to the protests in Ferguson. Lemon erroneously claimed that any American can…
  4. instagram-money-time

    Do Instagram ads work? Brands are about to find out.

    As Instagram users know, the Facebook-owned photo sharing giant is one of the few major social networks that hasn’t yet been inundated with ads (hell, I see more ads on Snapchat than Instagram). The ads are there, but when Instagram first launched them last November, it promised a slow, high quality rollout: “We’ll focus on delivering a small number of beautiful, high-quality photos and videos from a handful of brands that are already great members of the Instagram community.” Now the platform has…
  5. Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.11.24 PM

    These two soda cans are fun shorthand for how Coca-Cola sees men and women

    You’ve certainly seen Coca-cola’s #shareacoke marketing gimmick of putting names on the side of its cans. I first noticed it on the way back from Southland when, sitting next to Sarah Lacy on our flight, my bottle of soda urged me to “Share a Diet Coke with Sarah.” That’s targeted marketing gold right there, Coke. But now Coke has expanded the campaign to include family members and other social roles, and is spreading it across all of the company’s cola lines. Unfortunately, this…
  7. Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.54.19 PM

    $145k and counting! Racists rush to back GoFundMe campaign for cop who shot Michael Brown

    As we learned from the death of Trayvon Martin, the teenager shot by vigilante George Zimmerman, there are two things that will surely happen after the shooting of an unarmed black teen, whether by law enforcement or a neighborhood watch weirdo. The first thing — thank God — is that most of America will be united in a collective “what the fuck?” moment. In Ferguson, following the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by a cop, that moment has resulted in days of violence as…
  8. Ebay PayPal booth

    Of course eBay has to spin off PayPal. Here’s why it hasn’t done so…. yet

    Headlines today say that eBay is still considering a spin off of PayPal. The reports manage to be, at the same time, both thrilling and “duh.” If it happens, a PayPal spin-off would be one of the most exciting tech spin-offs ever, with big ramifications for most of the global Internet. While most people acknowledge that PayPal has greatly stagnated under eBay, its network effects have been so powerful that not even a total lack of innovation has…
  9. Toms

    Toms sells 50% stake to Bain capital, proving social entrepreneurship can be profitable

    Toms Shoes may not have invented the social enterprise – a for-profit blend of business and philanthropy – but it surely popularized the concept among both consumers and investors. It even spawned a new name for the phenomenon called “compassionate consumerism.” Thanks to the footwear company’s successful and highly visible “buy one, give one” campaign, the world now has dozens of other companies taking a similar approach to brand building and community development. Skechers followed Toms’ lead – a bit too…
  11. TypoKeyboard

    Seacrest out of order: Blackberry asks for sanctions against TV host’s company

    Today in headlines that are actually real: Blackberry has upped its legal fight against Ryan Seacrest for ripping off their keyboard design. According to Law360, Blackberry has asked a California federal judge to sanction Typo Products LLC, co-founded by Seacrest, for continuing to sell a plug-in iPhone keyboard that looks suspiciously — almost exactly — like Blackberry’s keyboard design. The company ‘[called] Typo’s recent distribution of 11,000 keyboards “brazen and blatant.”’ In the original legal complaint (embedded below), Blackberry claimed: BlackBerry’s innovations…
  12. Unfavorite

    Request granted: Unfavinator gives Twitter users a one click way to undo all their favorites

    With Twitter favorite-gate in full stride this week, a number of users have been looking for a way to reset their existing favorites and approach the “new Twitter” with a clean slate. Perhaps the most influential and public of these figures was former Google and YouTube Director of Product Management and current Homebrew partner Hunter Walk. Yesterday at 7:28pm PST, Walk tweeted the following ironic message: Fav if you want Twitter to ship a “clear all my favs”…
  13. China Bitcoin Flag

    How bad is NYDFS’ proposed BitLicense? Even China’s exchanges are up in arms

    China’s relationship with bitcoin has been a rocky one. With the country going from the leader in terms of transaction volume and home (briefly) to the world’s largest exchange, to a place where the government prohibits payments companies like Alipay (China’s PayPal, owned by Alibaba) from integrating with bitcoin company. And yet, despite this hostility within its own borders, China’s three largest bitcoin exchanges are deeply concerned about the BitLicense regulations proposed by the New York Department of Financial Services…
  15. startups-wa

    US House blocked from editing Wikipedia AGAIN, this time over Orange is the New Black and transphobia

    For the third time this summer, US House of Representatives staffers have been blocked from editing Wikipedia. The first two instances came in July after Pando reported a series of strange edits implicating Cuba in the JFK assassination and fake moon landing conspiracies, and calling radio blowhard Alex Jones a Russian spy. The first ban lasted 24 hours ahead of a longer 10-day ban. Now, according to the Hill, House IP addresses have been blocked for…
  16. alibaba

    Gucci and other luxury manufacturers seek injunction, damages to stop Alibaba selling fake goods

    A group of luxury goods manufacturers including Gucci and Yves St. Laurent have filed suit against Alibaba, alleging that the Chinese ecommerce giant facilitates the sale of millions of dollars in counterfeit goods. According to the 147 page suite, embedded below, Alibaba offers thousands of fake products including shoes, bags, jackets and other items of clothing. The Alibaba Defendants are well aware that: (1)Counterfeit Products are being sold through the Alibaba Marketplaces; (2) their takedown procedures are untimely and ineffective; and (3) more effective…
  17. pando-click-bait

    “It’s like we’re all being tricked every day, and the profitable websites which are responsible for this cannot be criticized.” – Lefsetz on “What I Hate About America”

  19. American journalist James Foley, killed by Isis.

    UK police warn sharing James Foley killing video is a crime

    “Met says passing on clip of Isis militant murdering US journalist on social media could lead to proseution under anti-terror laws” – The Guardian
  20. Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.05.20 PM

    Adam Carolla agrees settlement with podcasting patent troll

    Podcasting patent troll Personal Audio has agreed to drop its high profile lawsuit against DJ-turned-podcaster Adam Carolla. In court documents filed by the company, and embedded below, Personal Audio agrees to drop all claims against Carolla for his use of the technology underlying podcasting. They also agree to drop claims against a number of other high profile podcasters. The settlement is interesting because, until now, Carolla had refused to settle, arguing that it was important to fight back against…
  21. wearables

    Report: Young people are even less interested in “wearables” than the rest of us

    Despite $458 million in venture investment last year and a ton of ink spilled over the wearables “phenomenon,” Pando and others have reportedly extensively on consumers’ waning or nonexistent interest in smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other digital fashion statements. In April, the Guardian reported that many who received Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Gear smartwatch with their most recent smartphone purchase were selling them off on eBay just months later. Meanwhile, basic, relatively cheap activity trackers still make up 97…

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