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  1. uber

    Uber Sought To Hire Opposition Researcher To “Weaponize Facts”

    “Uber has in recent weeks sought to hire opposition researchers to “weaponize facts” to use against its taxi industry competition, according to a confidential recruiting document obtained by BuzzFeed News and confirmed by the company.” – Buzzfeed
  3. Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 12.39.32 PM

    Seth Meyers: Travis Kalanick is Axe body spray in a suit, turned sentient

    “What exactly is going on with the corporate culture at Uber? … Are you a man [Travis Kalanick], or did they just spray Axe Body Spray into a suit until it became sentient?” Seth Meyers responds to Uber’s threats against Pando’s Sarah Lacy. There’s very little funny about his whole situation, but this comes pretty damn close…
  4. bitcoin-foundation

    With Bitcoin Foundation to focus solely on core development, crypto-bulls look to wipe the slate clean in 2015

    A major shift is underway for the Bitcoin Foundation, which yesterday announced that it will cease all education, outreach, and public policy efforts in favor of focusing exclusively on core development of the Bitcoin protocol – its original purpose. In a blog post euphemistically titled “Everybody Pivots,” a reference to the popular HBO show “Silicon Valley,” the organization outlines its new mandate, writing: In the beginning, the foundation did it all — public policy, education and outreach, core development…
  5. war-nerd-sherman

    The War Nerd: Why Sherman was right to burn Atlanta

    KUWAIT CITY — There are times when the sheer ignorance and ingratitude of the American public makes you sick. This week marks the 150th anniversary of Sherman’s March from Atlanta to the Sea, which set off on November 16, 1864—the most remarkable military campaign on the 19th century, the campaign which got Lincoln reelected, broke the back of the Confederacy, and slapped most of Dixie’s insane diehards into the realization they were defeated. You’d think our newspaper of record, the…
  7. Trust Fall

    ZenPayroll CEO: Fundraising is a lot like recruiting. We care about shared values and vision

    For ZenPayroll founder Joshua Reeves, fundraising is a lot like hiring. It’s an opportunity to build a team of people with shared values, complementary skills, and a parallel vision for how a product and industry should evolve. And fortunately for Reeves, his cloud-based payroll startup is among the hottest tickets in Silicon Valley today, meaning he has his choice of “recruits” to work with. Nine months after closing its $20 million Series A financing, ZenPayroll today revealed…
  8. uber

    The New York Tech Scene Is Buzzing Over The Uber Scandal — Lots Of People Think The CEO Should Be Canned

    “Almost every startup founder or serial entrepreneur we spoke to was adamant that either Uber SVP Emil Michael or CEO Travis Kalanick — or both — needs to go.” – Business Insider
  9. disckrete-sex-tape-security-app

    Is Snapcash a tool for the porn industry in disguise?

    Earlier this week, the disappearing-messages app Snapchat took a huge leap into an industry few people would have expected from what’s still considered by many to be a “sexting app”: Payments. With Snapcash, the company has partnered with Jack Dorsey’s payment company Square to allow users to send each other money as easily as adding a debit card and texting a dollar amount. It’s an inspired idea that capitalizes on Snapchat’s overwhelming popularity with young people and its super-simple user interface. This…
  11. bezos

    Bezos has turned the Washington Post into a public relations tool for Amazon’s tablets

    Kindle Fire tablet owners now have exclusive access to a new application from the Washington Post, and they’ll be able to use it for six months without having to pay for a subscription, just by virtue of using a product made by the company that allowed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to buy the Post in 2013. The arrangement could increase the Post’s distribution, make Kindle Fire tablet owners better informed, and show that both companies can innovate despite all their…
  12. nsa-spying-no-way

    Amnesty International’s anti-spyware tool is the epitome of post-Snowden software

    Amnesty International has partnered with several other human rights groups to release Detekt, a free tool that allows Windows users to determine if their machines are infected with spyware. It’s part of a wider effort to maintain a modicum of privacy in the face of mass surveillance programs. It’s impossible to know how long Detekt will be able to find advanced spyware. Intelligence agencies are some of the best-funded government organizations in the world, and they have a vested interest in making…
  13. elsewhere

    Yahoo replaces Google as Firefox’s default search tool

    Google has been the default search engine in Mozilla’s Firefox for a long time, but now it’s being replaced by Yahoo, the New York Times reports. It’s unclear how much Yahoo paid for the privilege, and the company’s decision to support the Do Not Track privacy standard for Firefox users and no-one else as part of the deal is worrisome. [Source: The New York Times]
  15. pando-breaking-news-small

    Facebook shuttle drivers vote to join Teamsters union

    The contractors who shuttle Facebook employees between their homes in San Francisco and the company’s headquarters have voted to join the Teamsters union in an effort to receive better pay and end the split shifts that can insert unpaid six-hour gaps in a driver’s workday. [Source: Bloomberg]
  16. elsewhere

    Taylor Swift doesn’t love YouTube Music Key, either

    Taylor Swift’s albums have been removed from YouTube Music Key, the subscription music service piggybacking off the popular video platform, the Guardian reports. The pop singer’s albums were originally available on the service but appear to have been removed for its public debut. Looks like Spotify isn’t the only company with Swift problems. [Source: The Guardian]
  17. Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.47.57 PM

    Senator Franken writes to Uber CEO demanding answers on smear campaign against Pando, others

    Oh boy. As if the scandal around Uber’s threats to monitor and smear critics in the media weren’t serious enough. A few minutes ago, Senator Al Franken published a letter to CEO Travis Kalanick demanding an explanation of the company’s policies around user data and how that data might be used to attack Pando’s Sarah Lacy and other journalists. The letter begins: Dear Mr Kalanick: I am writing in regard to reports of recent comments and actions by…
  19. uber-bullshit

    As pressure mounts, Uber doubles down on its smear campaign against Pando, Buzzfeed and other media

    Uber is not backing down. Despite making national and international headlines for their proposal to launch a $1m spear campaign against Pando’s Sarah Lacy and her family, and then making even more headlines for their NY chief’s misuse of journalists’ rider data, this morning the company tried once again to silence criticism. Their latest weapon? Celebrity investor Ashton Kutcher. Earlier today, Kutcher, whose A-Grade  investment vehicle is an investor in Uber, tweeted a question…  ‘What is so wrong about…
  20. apple-uh-oh

    Can Apple win the streaming music wars or is it already too late?

    In the early 2000s, when Napster and other digital piracy sites began to eat away at the profits of an exceedingly bloated music industry, Steve Jobs knew immediately what Apple had to do. In a Rolling Stone article celebrating iTunes 10th anniversary, Steve Knopper perfectly captures Jobs’ bold plan : “Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder and chief executive, saw Napster, MP3s and the Internet a different way. By late 2002, he believed music fans clearly wanted to download songs they liked…
  21. Football Fan

    Score! with Friends is about to become the favorite app of sports fans everywhere

    The proliferation of mobile, and by that I mean smartphones and wireless broadband, has changed how we communicate. No longer are our calls tethered to a home or office phone, no longer are our emails and chats relegated to our PC, home or office. Thus, perhaps the biggest impact of mobile has been the rise of immediacy, the ability to communicate whatever you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want. The rise of mobile messaging clients like Snapchat, WeChat,…

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