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  1. weed-startups

    How pot startups are rewriting the playbook for Silicon Valley disruption

    Software will eat everything, they say. But it has mostly abstained from the legal marijuana economy, stymied by the uncertainty of enhancing shareholder value in a line of business that was at best an extension of the health care industry and at worst a felonious traffic in dangerous drugs, depending on your jurisdiction. But software is voracious, and hungrily seeks new inputs. At the same time, across the country, marijuana is enjoying a thaw in public opinion that, like attitudes…
  3. stewartbutterfield2

    Join us and Slack/Flickr founder Stewart Butterfield for our first PandoMonthly of 2015

    Last year, our PandoMonthly lineup was heavy on founders and CEOs of giant public companies — like Jerry Yang of Yahoo, Aneel Bhusri of Workday, and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn. This year, I wanted to get back to the roots of early-stage entrepreneurship a bit more. So we’re launching our schedule with the founder of one of the hottest startups which caught fire out of nowhere last year: Slack. Our first PandoMonthly of the year will be held…
  4. fcc-tom-wheeler

    FCC tells carriers to implement better location-tracking for emergency calls

    The FCC has unanimously approved a measure which will require wireless carriers to monitor a person’s location inside a building to enable more accurate emergency calls. The new rule will require carriers to provide the location of an emergency caller within a few stories — 50 meters horizontally and three meters vertically — to first responders. This is much more accurate than just providing a street address via the current system. Carriers will have to accurately provide this information for 67 percent of…
  5. assangegoogle

    Google did fight to reveal warrant for WikiLeaks journalists’ Gmail accounts, attorney says

    An attorney for Google has told the Washington Post that the company did fight a gag order preventing it from telling three WikiLeaks journalists their Gmail accounts were monitored by the Justice Department as the result of a warrant issued in March 2012. The statement was made in response to questions from WikiLeaks regarding Google’s compliance with the warrant, the existence of which it didn’t reveal to its subjects until December 2014, more than two-and-a-half years after the warrant…
  7. trucks

    Cargomatic picks up $8M to bring local trucking into the on-demand era

    The global taxi industry is estimated to be worth less than $100 billion annually, $11 million of which comes from the US. The global trucking (freight brokerage) industry is worth $150 billion, with $41 billion coming from the US alone. This begs the question, if Uber is today valued at $41 billion, how much could an “Uber for trucking” be worth? That’s the question investors are surely asking about Cargomatic, and LA-based on-demand platform for connecting local…
  8. isis-gaza

    Here’s why it’s so hard for tech companies to screen for “extremist content”

    Google’s public policy manager likened sifting through the 300 hours of video uploaded to its YouTube service every minute to “screening a phone call before it’s made” yesterday during a meeting with the European parliament about a counterterrorism action plan. The scale of this issue highlights the difficulties technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter face when governments ask them to screen — or pre-screen, in this instance — the massive amounts of content added to their websites every moment. Yet…
  9. pando-inside-baseball

    Mashable and Business Insider raise $17M and $25M, respectively

    Investors are pumping cash into Mashable and Business Insider, which have raised $17 million and $25 million in funding rounds led by Time Warner Investments and Axel Springer SE, respectively. The funding will be used to expand both publications’ video efforts and hire up to 100 new journalists. [Source: The Wall Street Journal]
  11. Driving

    MileIQ raises $11M to take the pain out of mileage tracking and put more cash in users’ pockets

    How much would you pay for an app that put more than $500 extra into your pocket each month without any effort or behavioral change on your part? That’s the question that MileIQ users are asking themselves after just a few days of using the mileage tracking and reporting app. The company is not revealing exact revenue or customer numbers, but given the unappealing alternatives, its not surprising the SaaS finance and productivity is earning an NPS score of 72…
  12. big-apple-not-making-friends

    Apple pundits are wrong again as the company reportedly beats Samsung in smartphone sales

    Apple has done two things few ever thought it would be able to manage at the same time: made the most profit in a single quarter of any company in history, and sell as many smartphones as Samsung, the company with which it has the fiercest rivalry. Only one of those things was supposed to happen. People have been saying for years that Apple would focus on profits at the expense of marketshare, while others said it would…
  13. strictly-business

    Google expands cash-sending service to UK

    Google has expanded a feature which allows Gmail users to easily send each other money from the United States to the United Kingdom. The feature requires a Google Wallet account to work and is limited to consumers over 18 years old. [Source: Google]
  15. boko-haram

    The War Nerd: Boko Haram and the Demon Consensus

    Suddenly everyone’s talking about Boko Haram and the massacres it’s committing in Northern Nigeria. There are two reasons for this: First, Boko is making some genuinely scary gains, cleansing the flatlands south of Lake Chad of any community it suspects of disloyalty, burning Churches and killing Christian villagers on the Cameroon border, and pushing against the provincial capital, Maiduguri—not with suicide bombings or quick raids, but a sustained conventional assault. They’ve withdrawn for now, but it won’t…
  16. mobile-keystroke-tracking

    Stop wasting time arguing about “political correctness” and fix the damn country

    The Internet rabble of journalists, academics, and other negligibly productive members of society with nothing better to do than read and argue on the Web (myself included) has been all hopped up over the last 24 hours about “political correctness.” It began when New York Magazine‘s Jonathan Chait wrote that political correctness — and the self-censorship that occurs when people are scared of bringing the wrath of the social media outrage machine upon their heads — is hurting political discourse, particularly on the American…
  17. Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.28.27 PM

    Andrew Sullivan is not the Future of Journalism

    With Andrew Sullivan announcing the end of his 15-year blogging career—and with it, his “bold experiment” in transforming journalism into crowd-funded blogging— I figure it’s a good time to take one last look at Sullivan’s long, poisonous contribution to the decline of American journalism. The following is a slightly abridged version of an article I wrote almost exactly two years ago for NSFWCORP, on the occasion of Sullivan leaving the Daily Beast to launch his own reader-funded blog.

  19. robot

    Microsoft’s top researcher weighs in on whether artificial intelligence will end humanity

    Microsoft’s research chief has entered the battle between those who believe artificial intelligence could be the end of the human race and those who think that’s malarkey. That argument was kickstarted in October when Elon Musk warned that AI poses a genuine threat to humanity. He followed that warning with a $10 million investment in the Future of Life Institute to ensure AI will remain “beneficial to humanity.” Stephen Hawking later offered a similar warning. “The primitive forms of artificial intelligence we…
  20. strictly-business

    Facebook Q4: revenues, user growth up

    Facebook has posted its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2014. The results: $3.85 billion in revenue with quarter-over-quarter user growth of 2.9 percent, bringing it to 1.39 billion monthly active users. (Though it’s worth noting that number counts people who use Facebook to log in to other services, not people who actively participate on the company’s social network.) The company beat expectations. [Source: Facebook]
  21. PandoLive_MG_3936_web

    Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE

    In this week’s PandoLIVE, Sarah and I were joined by David Holmes to compare our highlights from Pando’s 24-hour Don’t Be Awful event. We also talked about how David was preparing for New York’s “snowpocalypse” and made some jokes about Disney villains. Listen again below… … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting!  Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free hosting from Rackspace.

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