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  1. pando-inside-baseball

    HBO and Vice announce new deal

    HBO has announced a new partnership with Vice which will result in the magazine-turned-media-giant producing a daily news show, more special features, and the creation of a dedicated Vice channel on the upcoming HBO Now streaming service. [Source: HBO]
  3. pao-kleiner-perkins-trial

    Kleiner lead attorney: “I’ve lost all my feminist street cred in this case”

    “When Ms. Pao called John Doerr and all of them out about the culture….and demanded changes they were unwilling to make, that is when she got fired. Just remember that you are the conscience of this community and let Kleiner Perkins and venture capital know that every employee that works hard and gives what is expected deserves a fair and equitable workplace.” At 11:21am on Wednesday, closing arguments in the Ellen Pao v. Kleiner Perkins trial concluded, with Pao’s attorney…
  4. Meh cat

    Hong Kong authorities give a giant “meh” to regulating bitcoin

    What the appropriate governmental response when citizens of your country have been scammed out of millions of dollars in wealth in a crypto-currency get rich quick scheme. Well, if you’re Hong Kong, apparently the answer is not much of anything. As Pando an others have reported, supposed bitcoin exchange MyCoin emerged as a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme earlier this year. The Commercial Crime Bureau, which puts losses at (a surprisingly modest given early reports) $180 million HKD (US$23.2 million),…
  5. uber

    Police raid Uber’s Amsterdam office

    Dutch authorities have raided Uber’s office in Amsterdam to learn more about Uberpop, “a cheap service that was banned by a Dutch court in December because the drivers lack professional licenses required under Dutch law,” according to the Wall Street Journal. [Source: WSJ]
  7. canary

    Red Canary mixes technology and human intuition to help companies fight cyber threats

    Many cybersecurity companies are racing to create the most innovative technology to track, watch, and hopefully prevent cyber attacks. A recently launched company, however, is taking more of an old school approach to protecting data and ensuring the safety of computer networks. Virginia-based security company Kyrus, which was founded by a group of former employees from intelligence and defense contractor ManTech, and which developed a highly-regarded end point security company Carbon Black, is betting heavily on a newly-unveiled cyber startup called Red Canary…
  8. periscope

    Twitter releases Periscope to put Meerkat back in its hole

    Twitter has released Periscope, the live-streaming iPhone app it acquired before Meerkat captured the attention of a million tech bloggers. There’s a lot to like about Periscope. It has a more attractive design than Meerkat, it allows users to communicate with each other via comments and “hearts,” and videos remain available for later viewing instead of vanishing when the stream ends. Periscope also has access to Twitter’s social graph, which makes it easy to find the people you already follow on…
  9. strictly-business

    BetterCloud raises $25M

    BetterCloud has raised a $25 million funding round led by Accel Partners to continue developing “insights, management, and security for cloud office platforms” such as Google Drive and Office365. [Source: BetterCloud]
  11. elsewhere

    Here’s what Facebook announced at F8

    Facebook announced a slew of updates and releases at its F8 developer conference. Those include an application platform for Messenger, which will also facilitate conversations with businesses; Facebook Analytics for Apps, which does what it says on the tin; new share sheets, plugins, and the like; a mobile ad exchange; and updates to both the Graph API and Facebook SDK. Oh, it also made it easier for companies…
  12. strictly-business

    Meerkat raises Greylock-led funding round

    Meerkat has raised a Series B funding round led by Greylock Partners. Broadway Video Ventures also participated in the round, through which Meerkat is said to have raised $12 million at a $52 million post-money valuation. [Source: TechCrunch]
  13. press-release

    Amazon Prime Now heads to Dallas

    Amazon Prime Now, the delivery service that allows consumers to have goods shipped to their homes within one or two hours, has made it to Dallas. The service was first available in Manhattan and Brooklyn; it later expanded to Baltimore and Miami. [Source: Amazon]
  15. Tow truck

    Honk raises a stout $12M Series A to free stranded motorists from their auto-club shackles

    Honk, which might be the greatest thing to happen to stranded motorist since run-flat tires, has raise a massive Series A round of funding. The Santa Monica-based on-demand, mobile towing and roadside service startup now has an additional $12 million in its war chest with which to disrupt the legacy towing industry. The round was led by Altpoint Ventures, with participation from existing investors Structure Capital, Karlin Ventures, Expansion VC, and Venture51. The round brings Honk’s total funding
  16. health_care

    Across healthcare, women are still underrepresented in leadership roles

    We all know the statistics. Women make up only 14 percent of management positions at technology firms. Meanwhile, only 10 percent of VC-backed founders are women — which perhaps makes sense considering that only 4 percent of partner-level venture capitalists are women. Of course, sexism skeptics would say, “But that’s because only 18 percent of computer science degrees are awarded to women.” (Even if that was the only reason, these statistics would still be too low). What…
  17. outsidelands

    Joining us at Outside Lands? We ranked all 70 bands by whether you should see them or not

    One of the coolest things about covering technology in 2015 is that, as virtually every industry gets upended by the Internet and software, just about any story you can think of — from politics to culture to science — is also a story about technology. That includes music which, as artists seek out ways to get paid while working with — or against — software companies, is as fertile a source as any for finding fascinating stories about our new digital lives. That notion informs our…
  19. smart-gun-igun-nra-gunshow

    The NYPD’s commissioner doesn’t understand why people are upset about his new gunshot-tracking system

    Earlier this month, the New York Police Department started using a tool called ShotSpotter in Brooklyn and the Bronx to determine where gunshots are fired. The system was turned on as part of a pilot program “to make the city safer, to make our neighborhoods safer, to keep our officers safer,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said when he announced that the ShotSpotter system was going to be tested. Critics are worried that ShotSpotter will record more than gunshots. It’s not…
  20. facebook_knife

    Facebook Messenger puts the final nail in Path’s coffin

    Facebook Messenger has been updated to make it easier for people to find new software, share content from inside those apps, and have conversations with businesses. That last feature might be considered the final nail in Path’s coffin. You remember Path. It started as a social network where you stayed in touch with your closest friends, then became a mysterious life-logging service before eventually pivoting with the goal of making it easy for users to communicate (via a Path-run call center) with restaurants,…
  21. Overheard

    “It has been nearly two years since the first news stories revealed the scope of the United States’ surveillance and bulk collection activities. Now is the time to take on meaningful legislative reforms to the nation’s surveillance programs that maintain national security while preserving privacy, transparency, and accountability.”

    — Microsoft, Apple, and other tech companies on surveillance reform


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