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  1. wish-we-had-this

    I’m Ira Glass, Host of This American Life, and This Is How I Work

    “I’d been doing radio over a decade when I discovered the world of wireless lav mics, which you pin on your interviewee as they teach in front of a classroom, shake hands on the campaign trail, go about their lives. Most radio people don’t use these but they’re like a crazy magic trick. ” — Lifehacker
  3. obama-snowden2

    Buzzfeed staffer who claimed Pentagon sources threatened to kill Snowden is fired for dishonesty

    Benny Johnson, a former writer at Glenn Beck’s the Blaze, has been fired from Buzzfeed for 41 instances of plagiarism (gotta love those odd-numbered lists!). In an apology note published on Buzzfeed, editor Ben Smith wrote: We owe you, our readers, an apology. This plagiarism is a breach of our fundamental responsibility to be honest with you — in this case, about who wrote the words on our site. Plagiarism, much less copying unchecked facts from Wikipedia or…
  4. Fraud

    Meet the Russian hacker that helps advertisers defraud their AdWords competitors

    What kind of chutzpah does it take to use Google’s own gmail and YouTube services to defraud the company’s cash cow AdWords business? Apparently the kind that is possessed by a Russian hacker going by the pseudonym “GoodGoogle.” (It’s no less bold to use Google’s trademark in your name.) According to a recent blog post by KrebsonSecurity, GoodGoogle is among the most established AdWords fraudsters as a two year old operation that uses a botnet, custom software, and manual…
  5. gawker_hq_final

    Gawker no longer even trying to pretend it’s not grotesquely hypocritical on tax

    Earlier today, Gawker’s Valleywag blog expressed its outrage that Google is still paying barely any taxes on its revenue. The piece appears to be part of a concerted campaign by Gawker to shame wealthy tax dodgers. On Tuesday, writer Hamilton Nolan wrote an essay attacking those who avoid tax as “unpatriotic.” Much as it pains me to agree with anything on Gawker, their implied argument is a compelling one. If companies and entrepreneurs want to enjoy the huge…
  7. eric-vishria

    You likely haven’t heard of Benchmark’s new GP and that says everything about where Benchmark is going

    Benchmark announced this week that it’s hiring Eric Vishria as its newest general partner. It was hardly the biggest industry news of the week. Much of the tech press was like, “Eric, who?” Exactly. I’ve always had a soft spot for Benchmark’s radical approach to venture capital. And by “radical” I only mean wildly out of step with most of the other top venture firms. It’s actually the only firm still operating a more classic model from the VC days…
  8. DNA genetic testing

    Forget the outrage over Google’s genetic testing ambitions. Convenience beat out privacy long ago

    Google’s decision to enter our homes by purchasing Nest and Dropcam has attracted scrutiny from privacy advocates worried about giving the company access to even more information. Gathering data from (often free) digital sources is one thing — collecting it through connected physical devices like thermostats and security cameras is another, far more invasive thing entirely, the argument goes. Now we’ll have to see how those same people feel about Google’s plan to collect genetic and molecular data from thousands…
  9. Beats Bose headphones

    Something borrowed: Bose sues Beats (and sugardaddy Apple) for patent infringement

    Bose has reportedly sued Beats Electronics over patents related to its noise canceling headphones, according to a breaking news tweet by CNBC. BREAKING: Bose sues Apple’s Beats over noise-canceling headphone patents. (via @CNBCJosh) $AAPL — CNBC (@CNBC) July 25, 2014 Of course, Beats is in the midst of being acquired by deep-pocketed Apple, making the company a much more attractive target for anyone who thinks they have a valid IP infringement claim than it ever was in years…
  11. kathrynfinney

    We can all complain about diversity in tech… or we can do something about it like Kathryn Finney

    This week, Twitter became the latest tech company to release numbers on the diversity of its workforce. And like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook which have all released similar reports in recent months, Twitter’s technology employees skew heavily male and white. Only ten percent of Twitter’s technology workforce are women, compared to seventeen percent at both Google and LinkedIn, and fifteen percent at Facebook. Meanwhile, 58 percent of its tech workers are white and 34…
  12. long-road

    The Road

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Marc Ruxin, Founder/CEO of TastemakerX, which was recently acquired by Rdio where he has become the COO. The post went through PandoDaily’s usual editorial process and Mr Ruxin was not paid for his work. When you start a company that lives on the Internet, what you do must be informed by the naïve possibility — or hope — that what you create might someday be accessed by people all over the globe. Some…
  13. snapchat-continues-to-impress

    What brands and publishers can learn from the celebrity stars of Snapchat

    When we think of social networks from a brand, publisher, or celebrity perspective, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe Pinterest rise to the top of our mental lists. They are open, public, and permanent, or as permanent as anything else on the web. It makes sense then to leverage these networks to reach as many people as possible, as often as possible. But there’s an entire other netherworld of social media that is harder to measure but according to some data even more powerful: dark…
  15. google-spiders

    Report: Google has removed around 50,000 links thanks to Europe’s “right to be forgotten”

    Europeans have asked Google to remove more than 91,000 links from its search results, and the company has granted more than half of those requests, according to a Bloomberg report. Combined, the requests are said to apply to more than 328,000 Internet addresses. The majority of removal requests have come from people who are living in France and Germany. Google is thought to have revealed these numbers to privacy watchdogs and the press to show that it’s taking the right…
  16. lyft-secrets

    I guess Lyft has moved into its new headquarters

    Hey, 2300 Harrison, do you even Lyft? Late last year it was reported that ride-sharing service Lyft (that’s the one not run by a Randroid sociopath) had signed a lease on a new 65,000sq ft San Francisco headquarters on the corner of 19th and Harrison. When Bisnow first reported the move back in November it wasn’t clear when Lyft would take possession of the building — but yesterday I saw some pretty clear evidence that they’re in. Walking…
  17. Paperwork

    Zenefits tackles another founder pain point with automated stock option management

    There are things only founders understand about building a company. Some of them are abstract, like the psychological toll of carrying the the responsibility of employees’ livelihoods and investors capital on your shoulders. Others are more concrete like the utter agony of managing a cap table and preparing for board meetings. Zenefits is tackling the latter with its newly released stock option management product. By integrating this functionality with the company’s existing HR information system, it has automated the issuance…
  19. wikipedia

    Following Pando reporting, congressional IP address blocked from editing Wikipedia for ten days

    Earlier this week, I reported that an IP address connected to the US House of Representatives had made a series of bizarre updates to Wikipedia, including implicating Cuba in fake moon landing conspiracies and the assassination of JFK and accusing radio host Alex Jones of being a Russian spy. After Mediaite followed up the story, that site’s Wikipedia entry was updated to accuse it of transphobia. Today, according to the Washington Post, Wikipedia’s editors have finally stepped…
  20. pando 001

    State of Pando: Exploding traffic, surging revenues… but some mistakes too

    Back in February, Sarah wrote a long “State of Pando post, announcing our new Speaking Truth To The New Power tagline and sharing our plans for the Pando’s third year.  Since that time, a lot has happened: some exactly according to plan, some absolutely not. Six months later, this seems like a good time to update you on both. First, the good stuff… By almost any quantifiable metric, Pando is in great shape. We have money in the bank,…
  21. Bitcoin superman

    Barry Silbert steps down as SecondMarket CEO, plans to focus 100% on digital currency spinoff

    SecondMarket founder Barry Silbert is stepping down as CEO of the company with a goal of focusing on the firm’s burgeoning digital currency business, which will soon be spun out as a standalone company. Silbert will remain Chairman and CEO of SecondMarket Holdings, Inc. the parent holding company to both firms. Silbert founded SecondMarket ten years ago and was a pioneer in providing secondary liquidity to private company shareholders, including founders, employees, and investors, and in allowing late stage…

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