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  1. onthisday

    As Facebook releases On This Day, do millennials prefer ephemerality or nostalgia?

    Facebook has officially launched a new feature that allows its users to view old photos and status updates without scrolling through their profiles. It’s called On This Day, and it sifts through old content, collects the best moments, and sends a notification to make sure Facebook users relive their digital pasts. The feature is an obvious imitation of Timehop, another service that lets people see what they posted online in years past, but it might also…
  3. pao-kleiner-perkins-trial

    At least we’re not at F8: Dispatches from the Pao vs Kleiner courtroom, Pt 8

    “The waiting is the hardest part,” Kleiner attorney Lynne Hermle tells me. It’s Tuesday morning all of us assembled in the courtroom have just watched Ellen Pao’s attorney, Alan Exelrod deliver his final performance of the trial. On Wednesday his co-counsel, Therese Lawless, will deliver final arguments for the plaintiff. I grab the last seat in the back left corner of the gallery: A lone Y chromosome in a crowd of bylines from Re/code, Forbes, Buzzfeed, USA Today, Ars Technica and…
  4. South Park Leprechaun

    Andreessen: VC-entrepreneur misalignment is a myth

    There has been a chorus of high profile investors beating the fear drum in recent weeks on Twitter, on their personal blogs, and on stage by criticizing overheated valuations and predicting a near-term market correction. It’s a necessary discussion, and the frequency with which we’re having it publicly today suggests that there may be more near-term risk than many are ready to acknowledge. Yesterday evening Andreessen Horowitz partner Marc Andreessen* switched things up slightly, launching one of his infamous tweetstorms…
  5. google-car-bumper-sticker

    Google might trump security concerns with reported “Pony Express” service

    Google is reportedly working on a new service that would allow consumers to receive their bills through Gmail instead of physical mail. The service, which was first revealed by Recode and bears the “Pony Express” codename, could also allow people to pay their bills without having to visit numerous websites. Pony Express would require consumers to share their “name, address and partial and full Social Security number to a third-party company that vets their identity,” according to Recode’s report. After that’s done,…
  7. strictly-business

    Fantastical 2 debuts

    Flexibits has released Fantastical 2, an updated version of its Mac calendar app that brings it out of the menu bar and into the desktop. This version boasts an updated design, the ability to set different calendar “sets” that change based on your location, and an improved natural language parser that turns “Meet with Karen at 2 on Friday” into the proper appointment. The app costs $50 in the Mac App Store. For more on Fantastical, check out my piece…
  8. press-release

    Canary heads to retail stores

    Canary, the home security device that was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo in 2013, is now debuting at Best Buy, Home Depot, Amazon, and Verizon Wireless stores. The device has also shipped to “tens of thousands” of consumers across 79 countries who supported its campaign. [Source: Canary]
  9. strictly-business

    Apple acquires FoundationDB

    Apple has acquired FoundationDB, a Virginia-based focused on database technologies, perhaps because it “may be seeking ways to run software services like iMessage more efficiently.” Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed; Apple rarely reveals such information when it acquires companies. [Source: WSJ]
  11. pando-breaking-news-small

    Facebook accidentally spoils F8 announcements

    Someone’s getting fired over this one. The official application for Facebook’s F8 developer conference sent a notification early this morning which seemed to reveal the Messenger app network, a version of the Parse app platform for the Internet of Things, and the “Teleportation Station.” [Source: TechCrunch]
  12. ubernewssentimentindia

    As goes global Uber press sentiment, so goes India

    Another day, another David Plouffe administered bandaid meant to solve Uber PR catastrophes. The company has announced an investment by Times Internet of India. If you need to understand why Uber needs to fix its image in India, CB Insights has a handy chart: It’s about as obvious a move as Uber’s (ultimately doomed) partnership with UN Women. But will this one work? It has to. Uber is a struggling in China and that steep $40 billion valuation is predicated on…
  13. surveillance-valley

    You have less than two hours to send Yasha Levine back to Russia, where he belongs

    A few weeks back, Pando’s Yasha Levine launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a book based on his Surveillance Valley reporting. The book will reveal how tech giants have created an unimaginably complex and sinister surveillance network that makes the NSA look like also-rans. With help from Pando readers, the book smashed its funding goal a few days ago and now is just $1500 from beating its stretch goal. If Yasha beats that goal he’ll add a bonus chapter…
  15. PandoLive_MG_3936_web

    Facebook and Vox, Foursquare, and Twitter harassment: Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE

    In this week’s PandoLIVE, Sarah and I were joined by Pando’s David Holmes, Michael Carney and Nathaniel Mott to discuss news organizations publishing on Facebook, the Foursquare founder’s rebuttal to our reporting and Twitter’s new feature to keep verified users safe from bullying. Listen again below:
  16. dick-costolo-twitter

    How Twitter can soothe Wall St, save Vine, and quiet power users in one step

    “And don’t say that I have changed / ‘Cause man, of course I have” – Of Montreal, “Cato as a Pun” There’s a cottage industry of Twitter truthers out there — some of whom skulk with dark-eyed hatred in the deepest recesses of trolldom, while others sit bouncing atop the mastheads of national magazines — who believe CEO Dick Costolo is slowly turning their beloved social network into something it’s not; something gross and inauthentic, akin to its bigger, wealthier, and more mainstream rival, Facebook. The product changes…
  17. yo-back-that-app-up

    Playing favorites: Facebook to debut Messenger platform with 30 launch partners, 6mo exclusive

    Facebook is about to announce a raft of changes to its Messenger service with the hope of turning it into the most important app on its 1-billion-plus users’ smartphones. The company’s plan: to invite developers to build their own miniature apps for the service. Facebook has tried and failed to replace its users’ home screens in the past, making this familiar, yet difficult, territory. The company is expected to reveal specifics about this program – such as how it will work, with whom it will…
  19. stopuber

    Uber reckoning: Ride-sharing drivers attacked by frustrated taxi incumbents in Brussels

    Uber has been a lightning rod for controversy almost since its first day in existence. More often than not, the company has been the one flaunting laws and, arguably, putting its riders and drivers at risk. But, this is not always the case. Occasionally, Uber ends up playing the role of victim. In the latest instance of such a role reversal, Uber drivers across Europe have been the target of attacks by local taxi drivers. These protests took an…
  20. pando-breaking-news-small

    Woman Says She Was Raped By UberX Driver in Philadelphia

    “A woman has alleged that an UberX driver raped her after picking her up in Old City on February 6th, according to a report she filed with the Philadelphia Police Department. The 33-year-old told police the UberX driver held her arms down, ripped her pants, and raped her. After the attack, he drove her around for more than two hours before letting her out of the car, according to her report.” — Philadelphia Magazine  
  21. radioshack

    After going bankrupt selling gadgets, RadioShack will now sell customer data

    RadioShack couldn’t sell enough gadgets and gizmos to avoid bankruptcy. Now that it’s gone broke, it’s looking to peddle something more valuable: Its customers’ personal data. Bloomberg reports that the company wants to sell 13 million email addresses and 65 million names — in conjunction with their physical addresses — to the highest bidder as its intellectual property, brand, and assets are put to auction. Standard General is said to have won the auction for RadioShack’s properties, and it reportedly hopes to keep…

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