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  1. strictly-business

    Square Cash now supports businesses

    Square Cash has been updated to allow business owners to accept unlimited funds from their customers in exchange for a 1.5 percent transaction fee. The service also has a new feature, $Cashtags, that makes it easy to send people money without revealing personal or credit card information. [Source: Square]
  3. Overheard

    “You can already see this on both Xbox and PlayStation where there’s a tighter upgrade loop for both the operating systems and the games. This is the first step toward being able to iterate the hardware platform. I could imagine a version 1.1 product […] which adds in slightly more speed and slightly more memory very similar to how phones and tablets work today. I think it’s going to look more like the mobile phone market over time.”

    — Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear predicting the death of game consoles

  4. uber

    Uber partners with Times Internet

    Uber has taken a strategic investment from Times Internet to support the company’s India expansion. A Times Internet affiliate has formed similar partnerships with Business Insider, Gawker, and others. [Source: Uber]
  5. telefon_dinleme

    “Voice Biometrics”: The first circle of Hell

    “This was really something quite new — tracing a criminal by his voice-print. So far there had been only fingerprints, a science which had taken a long time to develop. Now there was to be a new technique of ‘voice-printing’ and it had to be invented in a matter of days.” —Solzhenitsyn, “In The First Circle” If you can think of something truly horrible and dystopian, then it’s a safe bet that it’s already a VC-backed tech industry, doubling in size…
  7. pando-breaking-news-small

    Judge Rules Pao Can Pursue Punitive Damages Against Kleiner

    “Judge Harold Kahn has denied a motion by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers to rule out punitive damages for Ellen Pao in her gender discrimination and retaliation case against the venture-capital firm.”
  8. wish-we-had-this

    The billionaire’s typewriter

    “I re­al­ized I dis­agree deeply with Medium about the ethics of de­sign. And by ethics, I mean some­thing sim­ple: though Medium and I are both mak­ing tools for writ­ers, what I want for writ­ers and what Medium wants couldn’t be more dif­fer­ent. Medium may be avoid­ing what made the type­writer bad, but it’s also avoid­ing what made it good. Writ­ers who are tempted to use Medium—or sim­i­lar pub­lish­ing tools—should be con­scious of these tradeoffs.” — Practical Typography
  9. pao-kleiner-perkins-trial

    Twitter and Facebook hit with separate gender discrimination suits

    Twitter has been hit with a class action suit, alleging gender discrimination in its promotion policies towards female employees. The suit comes just days after Facebook was hit by a separate legal complaint, claiming that a female employee was discriminated against, and ultimately fired, based on her gender. The Twitter suit, filed on Thursday in San Francisco, involves Tina Huang who, according to the complaint, was employed by Twitter between 2009 – 2014 in”varying software engineering roles.” Huang claims she was overlooked for…
  11. Crazy Uber

    Wow, that was fast. UN Women cancels partnership with Uber

    Remember how confused we all were last week when UN Women, the United Nations’ entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women, announced a partnership with Uber? You know, the company whose drivers have been accused of rape and sexual assault on multiple continents? The company which also allegedly tried to smear the women who accused its drivers of those attacks? The one whose CEO suggested his company should be called “Boober” because of all the tail he…
  12. gawkerreddit

    Court slaps down Gawker interns plan to use Gamergate forums to promote lawsuit

    Last month, I reported that lawyers acting on behalf of Gawker’s army of unpaid former interns had proposed a plan to promote their lawsuit by spamming, amongst other places, Gamergate forums on Reddit. Unsurprisingly, Gawker’s own lawyers cried foul over the proposal which seemed calculated less to reach potential plaintiffs and more to punch Nick Denton’s blog network in the face. Now the judge in the case has weighed in, issuing an order denying the interns attorney’s motion and warning…
  13. meerkat

    Meerkat might not change the world, but at least it’s authentic

    The world needs another Meerkat thinkpiece like it needs another Guns N’ Roses album. But, just as Axl Rose and company can’t (or won’t) stop making music, I can’t stop myself from commenting on the live-streaming service nobody in tech will shut up about. By now you’ve probably had Meerkat explained to you more times than you care to count. It’s a streaming service that makes it easy to share live videos over Twitter. Everyone, from techies to…
  15. Electronic_Arts_Redwood_City_May_2011

    How Electronic Arts found its groove again

    In the annual report Warren Buffett writes to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, he’s taken to warning about the ABC’s of business decay: arrogance, bureaucracy and complacency. Woe to the company that drifts into these swamps, because it can take years to escape them. Every once in a while, a company finds a CEO who can turn things around quickly. That was the case with Electronic Arts, the 33-year-old company that is so mature by the standards of Silicon Valley it’s name actually…
  16. pando-inside-baseball

    Guardian appoints Katharine Viner as editor-in-chief

    “Katharine Viner has been appointed the editor-in-chief of the Guardian, the first woman to run the newspaper in its 194-year history. Viner, currently deputy editor of the Guardian and editor-in-chief of Guardian US, will take up the role in the summer from incumbent Alan Rusbridger, who is to stand down after 20 years.” — The Guardian
  17. NSABadge

    The NSA’s new director still believes the best defense is a good offense. He’s wrong

    How should the United States respond to the threat posed by cyberattacks? Admiral Michael Rogers, the new head of the National Security Agency, said yesterday that it should focus on improving its offensive capabilities to deter others from attacking it. The remarks were made in front of the Senate’s Armed Services Committee. As the New York Times reports in its piece on Rogers’ appearance before the committee: When pressed, Admiral Rogers said that erecting ever-higher digital fences would never…
  19. pando-breaking-news-small

    Anti-censorship tool under attack

    GreatFire, an organization which reports on the Chinese government’s censorship and operates several mirror services which allow people in China to bypass the country’s “Great Firewall,” is suffering a massive distributed denial of service attack. The organization says it doesn’t know who is behind the attack, but notes that it occurs as the Chinese government regards it with increasing scorn and scrutiny. [Source: GreatFire]
  20. elsewhere

    Facebook Messenger to support third-party apps

    Facebook is reportedly hoping to turn Messenger, its dedicated communications service, into an app platform similar to Kik or WeChat. It reportedly wants to unveil the expanded version of Messenger during its F8 developer conference. [Source: Mashable]
  21. strictly-business

    Apple plans a new set-top box

    Apple is planning to announce a new Apple TV set-top box during annual developer’s conference in June. The updated device will include for the first time a software marketplace similar to the App Store found on Apple’s phone, tablets, and personal computers. [Source: BuzzFeed]

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