• facebook-drone

    Facebook refuses to call a drone a drone

    Facebook today announced its Connectivity Lab, a new division within the company meant to solve the problem of delivering Internet access to the two-thirds of the world’s population that has yet to be connected. The lab is staffed by members of an aircraft-maker named Ascenta, former NASA employees, former employees of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, and Facebook engineers. In a video introducing the division, Facebook’s Yael Maguire says that the company is working on satellites that can offer Internet access to low population areas,…
  • refrigerator

    Yes, it does matter that Samsung announced an Evernote-equipped refrigerator

    Gadget reporters are a fickle bunch. The same people who get excited about the Internet of Things and the blurring distinction between the online and offline worlds had a field day with Samsung’s new, Evernote-equipped refrigerator, even going as far as calling it the worst thing ever. That’s something we’re going to have to get over if the bridge between our online gadgets and our offline tools is ever going to be built. Some things, like adding an…
  • nissan-black-cab-nv200-london-taxi-unveiled-videophoto-gallery_7

    Eyetease extends the “connectivity as advertisement” mentality to London cabs

    Connected is almost always better than unconnected. There are exceptions — someone may prefer to be truly isolated while “gettin’ their Thoreau on,” for instance — but, generally, a minute without Internet is a minute to be avoided. And as LTE and other high-speed technologies are adopted, we’re getting to the point where a minute with a so-called crappy Internet connection is worse than having no connection at all. Eyetease, which is the name of a London-based…
  • facebook_december_2010

    Google debuts Free Zone to challenge Facebook for dominance in developing countries

    Quick, imagine what the Web would be like without Google or Facebook. If you’re like me, you probably can’t – these companies have ingrained themselves into the fabric of the Web, and entire ecosystems touch at least one of these companies’ products at any moment. Legends say that if both companies shut down at the same time the Internet will fold in on itself and become nothing more than self-repeating cat GIFs until time itself weeps. Or something like that.…

  • shutterstock_3207123

    How MIT researchers and carriers are trying to fix the wireless data problem

    I like to listen to Rdio, a streaming music service similar to Spotify, on my iPhone while I walk to the nearest subway station. It’s become part of my daily routine, and I count the service off as I would anything else. Pants? Check. Keys? Check. Rdio? Check. Unfortunately, there’s a point where my iPhone automatically switches from using WiFi to using Verizon’s 3G service, and that point may as well be the Nile river, so far as my…

  • wifi city

    WiFi as banner ad: How Microsoft and Google are improving our cities’ connectivity

    Earlier this morning, Boingo announced a partnership with Microsoft that would offer New Yorkers and San Franciscans free WiFi connectivity until the end of the year. The deal, which is part of Microsoft’s larger Windows 8 marketing effort, is also meant to remind app developers and startups that the company is launching its own App Store-like software marketplace, the Windows Store. The partnership echoes an earlier alliance between Google and Boingo. Google sponsored WiFi hotspots across the US, including…

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