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  • uber-surge

    Uber seeing deja vu as riders complain of rate gouging following Caltrain fatality

    Uber found itself in a familiar vat of hot water last night after seemingly rate-gouging stranded travelers during a state of emergency. When a Caltrain hit and killed a pedestrian in Palo Alto last night, trains were delayed around the region and and demand for Ubers naturally spiked. The company’s surge pricing algorithm kicked in quickly reaching 3X normal pricing. Frustrated users took to Twitter to voice their outrage, accusing the company of profiteering off of the death and the broader public…
  • lyft-happy-face

    In ridesharing, it all comes down to the Benjamins

    When Lyft rolled out its version of Uber’s surge pricing, passengers heaved a collective sigh of disapproval. How could our old, affordable faithful turn to the dark side like this? Would raking riders over the coals really help put more drivers on the road? For my part, I protested surge pricing mightily. Whenever the little Prime Time button appeared, I put my Lyft app away and used Flywheel to catch a cab instead. I didn’t believe…
  • summonswipe

    Taxi app Summon appeals to drivers with a cheap credit card swiper

    Summon, the Uber-like cab service formerly known as InstantCab, announced today a proprietary credit card swiper meant to help drivers accept fares from their passengers. The swiper will be offered to drivers with an introductory processing fee of 0 percent for the first two months of use. Then the fee will jump to 2.5 percent — that’s less than the 2.75% Square charges and much less than many other credit card systems used in taxis which charge up to ten percent. The swiper does…
  • uber

    Uber offers free rides from China Basin as buildings burn

    Uber has announced that rides from China Basin, a San Francisco neighborhood where a half-built apartment building and the UCSF Medical Center are currently burning, will be free. The announcement differs from Uber’s traditional approach to emergencies — including hurricanes and nor’easters — during which it applies its infamous “surge pricing” system. This is ostensibly meant to ensure that more drivers will brave the dangers to offer Uber’s users a ride, but has often been
  • uber-surge

    The problem with Uber’s surge pricing isn’t the money. It’s an increasing lack of trust

    Once again, Uber is under siege from the press and users about surge pricing. Once again, it involved inclement weather in New York. Once again, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is being incredibly defensive. And once again Kalanick seems to be missing the point over why people are mad and how to fix it. He told Wired: Surge pricing only kicks in in order to maximize the number of trips that happen and therefore reduce the…
  • LYFT lines

    Lyft introduces Uber-style surge pricing, urges us not to call it that

    Uber and Lyft have long been polar opposites in the urban transportation wars. Uber is the Ritz and Lyft is couch surfing. Uber is Paris Hilton and Lyft is Nicole Richie. Larry Ellison and Reid Hoffman. Umami Burger and In ‘n Out. Uber is all about seriousness, decadence, and luxurious convenience you can afford. As the founders have put it countless times, it’s a way everyone can travel like “a baller.” Everything about the brand mimics that, from the Porsche-like logo…

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