Wait a Minute. I'm a Woman AND I Started a Company?

By Sarah Lacy , written on January 16, 2012

From The News Desk

Aside from all this, there's a nice side-benefit about starting PandoDaily: I can officially now call bullshit on people (usually men) who insist women don't start companies in the Valley, because men don't let them.

For the record: I experienced zero sexism during the process of raising money for PandoDaily. And that's remarkable, considering I actually took my newborn baby on most pitch meetings with me. He even had a blow-out in Andreessen Horowitz's offices. (For those who aren't parents, a "blow-out" isn't a hair treatment. It involves an exploding diaper. Sorry for the visual. It wasn't pretty for AH either.) I can't think of many industries where a new mom could bring a baby to meetings and still get a job.

In fairness, he is a boy baby. And come to think of it, a few VCs did direct their questions to him instead of me. Also, a fuzzy giraffe was included in the terms.

I'm not saying there's no sexism in the Valley. Like many women, I've certainly experienced it here and there, mostly from sad people who aren't happy with the point they're at in their own careers. But as I've said before, it's on the margins, it's nothing a determined entrepreneur can't overcome and it's something that should make you stronger.

Being an entrepreneur is about overcoming obstacles. It's not a job title delivered to you on a silver platter-- it's one you run a gauntlet to steal for yourself.