ReelSurfer Turns Our Reid Hoffman Videos Into 30-Second Sound Bites

By Whitney Phaneuf , written on August 10, 2012

From The News Desk

I'm giving you my unbiased opinion when I say the video team at PandoDaily is the best around. From last night's PandoMonthly in San Francisco, we already have the entire candid conversation between LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and Sarah Lacy up on YouTube, plus 13 of our favorite moments from the night in a YouTube playlist.

But if you don't have four minutes to spare for even the playlist clips, watch a reel of Hoffman's best quotes on newly launched social video startup ReelSurfer.

The premise: Hook them in 30 seconds, and they’ll watch an entire video. Check out the clip when Hoffman agrees with Sarah that the Facebook IPO was "an egregious fuck up" on the part of NASDAQ. Once in the reel, click the arrow to scroll through and share on email, Facebook, or Twitter.

"We're giving long form video an opportunity to go viral," says Co-Founder Neil Joglekar.

A few years back, on the same Stanford campus where Hoffman earned his undergraduate degree, Joglekar his classmate Christian Yang wanted to find a way to clip and share their favorite movie quotes without sitting through full scenes on YouTube. The idea turned into a business for education and enterprise organizations who needed long, sometimes dull, content edited into clips that would entice a viewer to watch more.

Using that platform and technology, ReelSurfer has joined the summer batch of Y Combinator startups to build a consumer Web company that lets anyone clip and share 30-seconds of video from YouTube or Vimeo. Social video is a hot category with many approaches from iPhone app Showyou's Flipboard-for-video style curation tool to record and share video app Socialcam, recently acquired by Autodesk.

Watch and share more PandoDaily clips on our ReelSurfer profile.