Size isn't everything: Branchout revamps to challenge LinkedIn

By Kym McNicholas , written on October 8, 2012

From The News Desk

So Facebook hits 1 billion users. What does that mean for a company like Branchout, one of many sites that grew rapidly by latching onto Facebook's social graph? Particularly since Branchout aims to use Facebook's reach to one-up the next largest social network --  LinkedIn.

With Facebook's user growth inevitably set to slow down at some point, Branchout is revamping to be more than just another Facebook app. Call it heading off the Zynga-curse early.

Branchout -- which grew aggressively through sucking in contact information, whether your friends knew it or not -- is focusing less on growth now, more on substance. CEO Rick Marini realized to truly differentiate from LinkedIn, the company needs to be more than a big professional database.

As of today, Branchout allows you to do much more than just search for and recommend people in your Facebook network for jobs. Marini explains the new Branchout 2.0 in an exclusive one-on-one video interview above.

The last time we turned cameras on Marini he was taking a death-defying ride on a race track. But as most entrepreneurs know, that's nothing compared to the terror on the day of a relaunch.