Sources: Kaazing raises $15 million led by NEA to power real-time communication

By Michael Carney , written on April 17, 2013

From The News Desk

Just nine months after raising a $17 million Series B round in June, real-time Web and mobile communication startup Kaazing has raised an additional $15 million, according to sources with knowledge of the deal.

The company filed a Form D with the SEC yesterday announcing the offering and indicating that it had raised at least one third of the targeted capital to date from NEA and Columbus Nova Technology Partners. But according to our sources the round is in fact closed and fully subscribed, with the announcement said to be imminently. If accurate, the round would bring Kaazing’s total financing to $39 million in the six years since its launch.

Kaazing’s website lists dozens of current clients in the energy, financial services, media, online retail, software, and travel categories, including Intel, Google, Cisco, Oracle,  Bloomberg, BP, Southwest Airlines, HSBC, SkyBet, and The Limited.

The company utilizes the HTML5 WebSocket protocol – to which its engineers have contributed heavily – to enable always on, bi-directional, real-time communication channels, or what it describes as “The Living Web.” This technology enables in browser and on mobile applications to perform more like desktop software. According to a recent company announcement, Kaazing enables a single server to deliver ten messages per second to one million users which is quite a feat.

Companies are moving a larger and more complex array of activities online. In light of this accelerating trend, and given its current portfolio of customers, Kaazing looks well positioned to play a prominent role in powering the future of real-time communications. Its new investors are making a big bet that this will in fact be the case.

Update: The company confirmed the raise today, stating in its press release that it raised $15 million from NEA, CNTP, and existing investors.