Pando's "agonizing decision" to take venture capital

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 26, 2013

From The News Desk

All week we've brought you clips from our interview with Lynda Weinman, the founder of one of the only online education companies to actually build a big, profitable, sustainable business. The company first got on our radar because of the recent whopper of a series A: $103 million round. That's the largest round of venture capital ever invested in the ed-tech space, according to Bloomberg.

In our final segment with Lynda Weinman we discuss that round, why the company decided to give up some ownership after 17 years in business, and what it plans to do with all of that capital. "It was an agonizing decision," she says.

We also ask Weinman about speculation that the company may be prepping for an IPO-- and unlike a lot of overly media-trained founders, she gave us a straight answer.

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