Tickets for NYC PandoMonthly with Chris Hughes on sale now

By Sarah Lacy , written on September 19, 2013

From The News Desk

For a guy under 30, Chris Hughes hasn't just had success. He's crammed multiple careers into his life. He was one of the co-founders of Facebook. He was the coordinator of online organizing for Barack Obama's first presidential campaign. He even had his first startup failure in the ill-fated but well-intentioned Jumo. More recently he purchased The New Republic, and is one of a few Internet moguls taking a shot at saving a vaunted old media institution.

He'll tell us about all of this on stage at PandoMonthly in New York next week. Get your tickets here now!

I knew Hughes in the early Facebook days, and I don't think I've seen him since he was demoing the News Feed for me way back in 2006-ish. So I'm delighted to get to catch up with him in front of all of you. Hope to see you there!

[Image courtesy USV]