Death is an old fashioned thing, says the creator of a "fun" posthumous will app

By Carmel DeAmicis , written on September 25, 2013

From The News Desk

Once you're gone

make sure

your best stuff

goes to your best friends.

Have fun.

That is the ominous text that unfolds slide-by-slide, greeting a user when they first open the "Fast Will" app. Created by a Dutch advertising company, "Fast Will" is a quick and easy way to appoint which of your buddies get which of your prized possessions after you die. The app links up to your Facebook account and prompts you to take pictures of your stuff and link it to specific friends and family.

Morbid? Yes. Fun? Probably not the word most people would use. But Cees Dingler, the Creative Director of the YoungWorks advertising company that produced the app, says that "death is an old-fashioned thing" but it doesn't have to be that way. He wants Fast Will to "make [it] a game."  There's apps for sending emails or tweets after death, so why not one for creating a will while you live?

There's legal complications of course. A will on your phone won't stand up in most courts of law. But Dingler sees Fast Will as the first step to something more official. He met with a national notary official in Holland to discuss the steps to make the app legal in the eyes of the government, and if the current Fast Will app takes off he'll start exploring US options as well. He hopes to eventually introduce "Fast Will Pro," a version that can stand in for an actual will. "The law and the app itself have to come together one day, but we want to be ahead of the game," Dingler says.

The idea for the app came about when Dingler's colleague Bart Bergmeijer came to him and said he wanted to build an project for post-humous Facebook, where the content you post on the platform could be stored for your family and friends after you pass. That conversation kickstarted late night drinking-and-brainstorming sessions between the duo, and their imaginations got away from them. "You could design your own funeral in a really fun way, add your own playlist and messages, films, coffin," Dingler says. They sketched out a three part application: designing your own funeral, setting your will, and storing your social media. But after reflection they decided to start small first, and tackle just the will itself.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 3.23.56 PMThe app is simple and easy...too easy. Its logo is a cross with a smiley face on a gradient orange background, like the setting sun. Of your entire life.

The interface within the app mimicks Snapchat. It prompts you to take a picture of something you own with the app, pick from a drop down list of your Facebook friends, and assign the lucky recipient. You can even include a note for them.


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