Why stop at 56 gender options? Facebook should add nuance to relationships, too

By Adam L. Penenberg , written on February 14, 2014

From The News Desk

For those who feel that identifying yourself as either male or female is too limiting, Facebook now claims to offer 56 new gender options. In addition to such binary categories as male and female, you can be "agender," "androgyne," "androgynous," "Cis," "gender fluid," "intersex," "two-spirit," "non-binary" -- which sounds like something a Facebook coder might choose -- a series of variations on "transgender," and many more. (Click here for a full list.)

Kudos for Facebook for recognizing greater nuance in its users. (You can find out how to customize your sex by visiting Facebook's Diversity page.) After all, who among us is just one thing? But why stop there? To celebrate Valentine's Day, why not open up the options for another indicator that reflects who we truly are: "relationship status."

For now, Faceboook offers the following relationship status options:

Single In a relationship Engaged Married In a civil union In a domestic partnership In an open relationship It's complicated Separated Divorced Widowed

How about adding these 27 sub-categories:

Happily single Miserably single Single, lonely, and addicted to porn Single but online dating Single with cats Single, celibate, trying not to think about sex In a good relationship In a bad relationship In a relationship but cheat whenever I think my partner won't find out We're in couples counseling :( I belief in long engagements Gotta get married before the baby comes Arranged marriage Same-sex marriage Gender-fluid marriage Role reversal marriage Marriage of convenience Married with pre-nup Married with no pre-nup We stay together for the sake of the kids In an uncivil union We both cheat It's really complicated Ugh! Don't ask Separated but not sure where we're headed Happily separated, pre-divorce Finally got rid of that asshole

Feel free to add your own nominees in the comments. Who knows? Maybe Facebook will include them on your "about" page pull-down menu.