Hey! Guess What?! Healbe GoBe won't be shipping on time

By James Robinson , written on May 30, 2014

From The News Desk

Healbe finished up its Indiegogo scampaign for its miracle, calorie-counting wristband on April 15 with promises to ship in June.

As we have reported previously, even if the product was suddenly scientifically possible (which it isn't), that was a really tough deadline to meet. For one thing, manufacturing a complicated electronic product in two months would be unheard of and, for another, when photos of its prototype leaked online, hardware experts who we showed them to commented that it looked rough and primitive.

Well, after Healbe had teased that it would be releasing its June delivery schedule this week... it turns out we were right.

The company published an Indiegogo update this morning, saying that due to “delays in the shipment of some of the body manager’s electronic components” the GoBe wristbands will begin shipping in August.

Outside of pushing back its production schedule, Healbe seem intent on continuing to promote the Healbe, without offering up any proof of its powers. The Healbe GoBe’s companion app is available in the Apple App Store on June 15. The company will be in New York at the end of June to tell its story in a startup “Battle of the Bands” as part of Consumer Electronics Week.

No sign yet of those much hyped, much vaunted independent third party tests. Probably need to have a product you know how to make first?

[Illustration by Brad Jonas for Pando]