Join us for Trucked Company: A completely badass end of summer party you don't want to miss

By Sarah Lacy , written on August 25, 2014

From The News Desk

Remember that final summer fling, just before the weather changed and everyone had to get serious and go back to school? Beer. BBQ. Last vestiges of freedom slipping through your fingers.

Well, the tech world obviously doesn't get three months off but the industry does go (comparatively) slow in August before heading into a full on budgeting, fundraising, product release, and conference sprint from September until the holidays. So before all that craziness, we figured now would be a good time to invite everyone over for an end of summer get together. Better still, Rackspace has generously agreed to sponsor it.

Since the weather is gorgeous (finally) in San Francisco this time of year, on September 4th at 6pm we're hosting the event at my three-year-old's favorite Friday night hot spot: The SoMa StrEATs food park. The park isn't just  fun for rambunctious three-year-olds: There's a collection of the city's best food trucks, adult beverages, music, and skeeball. All we needed to add was a live band and (courtesy of Paul Carr) the obvious pun and Philip Kaplan Web 1.0 shout out: Trucked Company.

The tickets are a nominal $10 because we expect the event to be extremely popular and we want to make sure people who grab a slot intend on coming. You'll get plenty for your ticket price: All you can consume beer and wine, a live band (We Are Scientists), and coupons good for whatever street food you want to inhale. We've rented out the big barn in the middle of the park so there'll be plenty of opportunity to meet your fellow Pando readers -- and, of course, Pando team.

Come and enjoy a final, delicious goodbye to summer (and in a month or so, summer weather) with the Pando team, Rackspace, and our awesome San Francisco startup community.

Tickets went on sale a few minutes ago, and are sure to sell out fast. Get yours now.

(PS Of course Pando Members get into the event for free. If you’re not already a member join now.)