1. eBay looks to join bitcoin in solving the programmable money problem

    Bitcoin has been described as many things. It’s been compared to tulip bulbs, called internet gold and e-money, and labeled libertarian, as if a technology protocol can have a political ideology. At its core, though, bitcoin is a protocol for transferring value across the internet: in other words, programmable money. It may not be the optimal protocol, but it offers advantages over the incumbent financial services infrastructure, such as eliminating or drastically reducing the 2.5 percent “tax” levied on every payment transaction today.

    By Michael Carney , written on

    From the News desk

  2. Amazon's monster porn purge

    Sex with a dinosaur? Check. Foreplay with a werewolf? OK. Sexual congress with a unicorn? Yep. Doing the nasty with a zombie? Sure, fine. But on Amazon Kindle's self-publishing platform there's to be absolutely no "pornography" or "offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts."

    By Adam L. Penenberg , written on

    From the News desk

  3. How minimum viable product could save your New Year’s resolutions

    The hallmark of a good entrepreneur is her dedication to constantly improving her product. But most great founders know that products are ever evolving and many of their original assumptions of what will work turn out to be false. So good entrepreneurs test what they “know.” They iterate. They base their decisions on good data. They constantly measure. Rinse. Repeat.

    By Julie Fredrickson , written on

    From the News desk

  4. A look back into 2013 to see what's ahead in 2014

    Year-end predictions are a fool's game -- especially when it comes to tech stocks -- yet one that many find too irresistible to sit out. If anyone really had a gift for reliable predictions, they'd keep their mouth shut and just make their shrewd investments. It's more of a parlor game, a conversation of the moment, one that most assume will be forgotten in the coming months.

    By Kevin Kelleher , written on

    From the News desk

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