On Tuesday, Federal Judge William Alsup delayed the Waymo/Uber trial, saying what the tech press, investors, and regulators should have been saying to Uber for years:

“I can no longer trust the words of the lawyers for Uber in this case. If even half of what is in that letter is true, it would be an injustice for Waymo to go to trial.”

If you want any more analysis on that, go read my story from Monday. Technically that story was about Uber’s data breach and cover up… the scandal from last week. But Uber’s years brazen lying and disregard of customers, competitors, the rule of law, and human decency mean you can pretty much read any story we’ve written about the company since 2012, swap out the nouns, and get an accurate read on the situation: Uber only cares about one constituent-- it’s next investor. And-- yes-- as the data breach scandal made clear, that includes new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, and the man he continues to report to, ousted CEO and controller of the board, Travis Kalanick.

Blah blah blah evil blah blah blah...