June 2020

  1. Amazon’s next big rival will be a livestreaming video app

    There’s an entire world of unboxing videos on YouTube. Give a kid a tablet and they’ll sit glued to the screen for hours, staring in fascination at close-ups of hands cracking open toy eggs and pulling apart bits of goop. This strange ‘poopsie slime surprise kits unboxing’ has over 12 million views.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the China desk

  2. The many delusions of Startupland

    There’s a place I call Startupland where everyone has bought into a fever dream. It’s sometimes referred to as Silicon Valley but it broke free of the Bay Area’s geographical boundaries long ago and now exists as a kind of religion where everyone believes they’re the chosen one and business fundamentals don’t apply.

    By Francisco Dao , written on

    From the Startups desk

  3. Big Tech dreams about ‘changing the world’ - it can start by ending harmful contracts

    Over the past week, tech companies have flooded social media with words of support to protestors fighting against racial injustice. But the response by many brands to the death of George Floyd has felt so hollow that there are already memes circulating on Twitter.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Politics desk

  4. Behind tech layoffs lay systemic cash flow negative companies

    Since the pandemic started, there’s been approximately 61,260 tech layoffs [1]. Close to 30% of the layoffs came from public tech companies, 85% of those companies are unprofitable.

    By Gonzalo Espinoza Graham , written on

    From the IPOs desk

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