Spotify is about to dominate the audiobook market

After dominating music and podcasts, Spotify is turning its focus to audiobooks

By Aimee Pearcy , written on August 12, 2020

From The Music Desk

It seems like every media company has just realised that they have literally no more time to waste before they start paying attention to audio. 

But while the New York Times has been fumbling around trying to give its reporters voice-over training and the BBC is investing in automatic voice readers so readers can listen to its articles, Spotify is one step ahead as usual.

Spotify has been absolutely killing it over the past few months.

It's managed to tie multiple high-profile figures -- including Joe Rogan, Michelle Obama, and Kim Kardashian West and even Harley Quinn and Batman (?!) -- into exclusive contracts.

And despite a slight fall in revenue in Q2 as a result of the pandemic, the company is expected to hit 140-144 million users, and total revenues of 1.85-2.05 billion euros by Q3. 

Job postings are a window into the future of company strategy -- and this week, Spotify posted a new job advert searching for a head of audiobooks:

Given the explosive growth of voice recognition and augmented reality, this is the perfect opportunity to for Spotify to cement its future as the all-in-one Google search engine for audio. 

Personally, I can't fucking wait to ditch Audible.