January 2021

  1. Central bank digital currencies are starting to become a reality

    In October, Stefan Ingves, the governor of Sweden’s central bank, Riksbank, wrote in an economic note on the future of payments that a digital currency issued by the authority would be an “evolution, not revolution” in the way people use money.

    By Jonathan Keane , written on

    From the Money desk

  2. Digital churches have been thriving throughout the pandemic

    In August 2020, Mathias Melendez, 22, from San Antonio, Texas, stumbled upon a Facebook ad of Life.Church Online, the cyberchurch of the American evangelical multi-site church Life Church.

    By Stav Dimitropoulos , written on

    From the Culture desk

  3. Why gig workers are turning away from traditional banks

    162 million people, or 30% of the workforce, across the US and the EU-15 countries are gig workers. In 2018, the total spending on the gig economy around the world reached a staggering $4.5 trillion. Meanwhile in the US, 80% of large companies are planning to switch to a “flexible workforce”.

    By Stav Dimitropoulos , written on

    From the Gig Economy desk

  4. Why we must democratize AI to invest in human prosperity, with Frank Pasquale

    Four years ago, Frank Pasquale, Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, catalyzed a debate over algorithmic and corporate power with the publication of his highly acclaimed and highly critical book, The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money.

    By Evan Selinger , written on

    From the Interviews desk