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  1. It's the beginning of the end of the 'Uberisation' of work

    Founded as an upmarket limousine service in California just over a decade ago, Uber today provides cheap taxi rides in thousands of cities across the world. The company has consistently maintained that it is merely a ridesharing platform – which, crucially, means that it does not employ its drivers.

    By Jeremias Adams-Prassl & Abi Adams-Prassl , written on

    From the Gig Economy desk

  2. The world's first driverless water taxi has been built in Tennessee

    Α month ago Don Βutler hopped on board a modular pontoon boat with four other guys for a ride along the Knoxville side of the Tennessee river. It was a sweet day; cloudy, but balmy. The boat speed went up to four knots, and its passengers traveled for a total of ten minutes up the river, and then for another ten minutes back down to the marina.

    By Stav Dimitropoulos , written on

    From the Culture desk

  3. Banks are turning to TikTok to teach teens about finance

    Students are graduating with an average of $5,000 in credit card debt and $30,000 in student loans. Meanwhile, 34% of teens are currently unbanked, only 21 states teach personal finance content in schools. It’s hardly surprising that young people are turning to the internet to learn about taxes, investing, and saving for retirement.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Money desk

  4. Face filters: the new way to consume contemporary art

    Since Snapchat’s launch in 2011, editing your photos with a filter has been a tap away, and these filters have come a long way from the dog ears and tongue first offered to us. Almost all social media platforms have some form of photo function with AR add-ons and image editability.

    By Verity Babbs , written on

    From the Culture desk

  5. Amazon’s anti-union campaign violates global labor & human rights standards

    In the past two decades, numerous Big Tech corporations, including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Cisco, and Facebook, have clamored to endorse global labor and human rights standards.

    By John Logan , written on

    From the Amazon desk

  6. Meet the YouTubers spilling blood over their intent

    The video begins in a rather dull manner, with a document held by an unknown figure in a car.

    By Christopher Hutton , written on

    From the Culture desk

  7. A brief guide to Morgan Lewis, Amazon’s anti-union law firm at Bessemer, Alabama

    Between February 8 and March 29, 5800 Amazon distribution center workers in Bessemer, Alabama will vote on whether to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU).

    By John Logan , written on

    From the Amazon desk

  8. TikTok entrepreneurs are tackling accessibility in medicine

    When Jimmy Choi shared his frustration at not being able to pick up his pills on TikTok, he didn’t know who would be listening. Accompanied by Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’, the video showed Jimmy’s hands shaking with Parkinson’s tremors, unable to pick up the tiny pills lying in a fiddly container.

    By Rachael Davies , written on

    From the Culture desk

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