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  1. Good Dad, Good Entrepreneur, Good Husband

    “I’m sorry, sweetie. I just need a few more minutes on the computer; then I can play with you.”

    By Brian Snyder , written on

    From the News desk

  2. Silicon Valley's engineering salaries are finally getting fair. Thank Facebook.

    Silicon Valley’s engineers have it great. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway. Everyone’s heard about the free food, on-site laundry, the Wi-Fi commuter shuttle, and the haircut trailer in Google’s parking lot. It’s not just perks. These guys are swimming in cash, too, aren’t they? Facebook’s IPO will create more than a thousand millionaires. Then there are those tales of high-stakes bidding wars between Google, Facebook and Twitter, with the most-prized engineers getting potentially millions to go to certain hot companies.

    By Farhad Manjoo , written on

    From the News desk

  3. I Can't Believe Arianna Is Turning My Old Office into a Nap Room

    There are a small number of readers who can't get enough of the inside baseball of the TechCrunch implosion. And a large number of readers who wish we'd all just move on. I've tried to take the high road at all opportunities, because the former are mostly just rubberneckers and the latter are serious readers who want to read great stuff about tech and startups. I promised when I started this site, I wouldn't waste their time.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the News desk

  4. I Hate Pepcom, Am Jealous Of Sarah's Cool Event. Wait --- I Have An Idea!

    So, it looks like Pando's first event is going to be a hit. All week I've been getting emails from friends asking if I have a special backdoor way to get them in (yep: pay $1000) and every time I see Sarah she seems even more enthusiastic about how amazing the evening is going to be.

    By Paul Bradley Carr , written on

    From the News desk

  5. The Quiet Revolution in Social Impact

    There are currently 30 million African migrants who have left their home countries to find work elsewhere. They support more than 300 million people in their home countries, remitting essential food and goods, and in aggregate represent more than $10b in annual economic activity. This is an economy without an infrastructure, however, relying on informal channels and bribes to function.

    By Nathaniel Whittemore , written on

    From the News desk

  6. Taking Our Art Up a Notch: Hugh MacLeod Now Contributing to PandoDaily

    One of the goals I had for this site since the beginning is to have better art to illustrate our posts.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the News desk

  7. Why Aren't More Indians Using Twitter?

    Earlier this week, I was looking over the report that came out by Semiocast of Twitter activity per country. The headline was that Brazil has surged to number two after the US. Not a huge surprise. It's a big country that loves social networks.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the News desk

  8. Delighting the Highly-Social Customer, Part 2

    It's time to push the bar higher for social media to shape and steer meaningful experiences and outcomes...

    By Brian Solis , written on

    From the News desk

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