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  1. The CIA helped sell a mapping startup to Google. Now they won't tell us why

    Agency denies my FOIA request, telling me they can "neither confirm nor deny" existence of documents explaining the deal.

    By Yasha Levine , written on

    From the Surveillance Valley desk

  2. A Union of Disruptors? Meet the Uber driver trying to hack organized labor

    Arize Nwosu is helping drivers organize against their bosses. Is this the future of unions?

    By Dan Raile , written on

    From the Disruption desk

  3. Algorithms are coming to Twitter: Here's how it can avoid becoming Facebook

    Doomsayers are still calling the new Twitter a tragedy, I see it as an opportunity.

    By David Holmes , written on

    From the Press Fucking Freedom desk

  4. At Pandoland, Ruxin and Sippey debate three big trends in online music and video

    Netflix's success in developing original series, Apple's entry into music, and publishers finally caving to the Newsfeed.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the Pandoland 2015 desk

  5. "The poor, the young, the black and the stupid": Inside Big Tobacco's plans to kill a billion people

    The most outrageous business conspiracy in history and what today's tech giants have learned from it.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the Murder desk

  6. Captricity wants to save the life insurance industry from Silicon Valley data giants

    One man is hoping to bring a little Silicon Valley disruption to the world’s dullest industry.

    By Dennis Keohane , written on

    From the Disruption desk

  7. As gay pride fills San Francisco, Rand Paul is a no-show at his own hackathon

    But at least Ronan Farrow showed up to play Taylor Swift.

    By Dan Raile , written on

    From the Disruption desk

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