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  1. In amazing tabloid interview, Tinder's CEO threatens to smear a female journalist and gets confused about sodomy

    The seven most breathtaking quotes in Tinder CEO's interview with a British tabloid.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Facepalm desk

  2. Apparently experiencing indigestion, software goes from eating the world to healing it

    A Q&A with new Andreessen Horowitz partner Vijay Pande about his role and the firm's brand new "bio + computer science" fund.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

    From the Venture Capital desk

  3. How times have changed. Pando goes to a calmer, gentler Google Bus meeting

    Gone were the pickets and placards of yesteryear, the cheering and booing, the finger-wiggling, the buttons and stickers.

    By Dan Raile , written on

    From the From the Trenches desk

  4. The Pando Patron membership giveaway starts... now!

    Thanks to our wonderful Pando Patrons, we're giving away 50 free memberships a day for the next ten days.

    By Paul Carr , written on

  5. By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Scampaign Finance desk

  6. This may be the perfect week to cut unnecessary growth spending

    Your business only has a network effect if people want to use it.

    By Sarah Lacy , written on

  7. Cogito raises $5.5m to monitor the "tone" of call center workers

    U mad, bro? You seem stressed. Y u mad tho?

    By Dan Raile , written on

    From the Employment desk

  8. Your monthly helping of serious ridesharing allegations

    The latest installment in Pando's ongoing series of ridesharing crime roundups

    By Nathaniel Mott , written on

    From the Sharing Economy desk

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