Adrian Lamo

Adrian is a threat analyst currently specializing in adversary characterization, incident attribution, and open-source intelligence, with an emphasis on homeland security issues. In a prior life, he was an itinerant computer hacker, breaking into corporate networks and offering to fix their vulnerabilities free of charge. He was convicted in 2004 of breaking into the computers of Microsoft, LexisNexis, and the New York Times.
  1. It's a bad time to be a hacker in the United States

    To many, a hacker is anyone who does something with a computer that is not trivially understood. To law-enforcement and the criminal justice system, a hacker is someone who commits a computer-involved crime. But in the eyes of the Hacker Ethic, a kind of best practices guide for hackers, Aaron Swartz was a hacker's hacker. If he committed any intrusion – and it's not clear he did – it was for old-fashioned hacker values like freedom and decentralization of information, open access to learning, and the belief that technology and computers can change the world and the people in it for the better.

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