Aimee Pearcy

Aimee is a contributing editor at Pando.

  1. $50,000 for a year of iPad classes is a terrible deal

    This week, Harvard announced that all course instruction will be taught online for the 2020-21 academic year. The $50,000 price tag will remain.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Education desk

  2. China is facing the same kind of protectionism that has shielded it from competition

    Over the past few years, TikTok creator ByteDance has reportedly invested over $1 billion in the Indian market. Last week, India blocked 59 apps developed by Chinese firms -- and TikTok was one of them.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the China desk

  3. The great firewall of...Europe?

    Slowly but surely, the digital walls of the world are rising. Earlier this week, India banned dozens of Chinese apps, and is now mounting on the government to ban Huawei -- the company recently deemed by the Federal Communications Commission as a threat to US national security.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Europe desk

  4. Engineers are told ethics isn't 'career-advancing' and we're all living with the consequences

    Universities tell students that they have the power to change the world. But they don’t teach them to stop and think about whether they should change it. The most vulnerable are left to live with the consequences.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Big Tech desk

  5. Viral marketing is what it is

    Clubhouse has started a new wave of exclusive voice chat-based social apps that has people scrambling for invites. We all want to use these apps precisely because we can’t all use them.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the FOMO desk

  6. Twitter censored DDoSecrets and made BlueLeaks an even bigger deal

    Twitter is making it increasingly clear that it is clamping down on what it allows to be published on its platform.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Twitter desk

  7. 'Picking a fight' with Apple was always Basecamp's marketing strategy

    “If you think a competitor sucks, say so. When you do that, you'll find that others who agree with you will rally to your side. Being the anti-______ is a great way to differentiate yourself and attract followers.”

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Apple desk

  8. IndieGoGo shows COVID-19 profiteering at its absolute worst

    There's always a crowdfunded solution -- even during a pandemic. It's often glaringly obvious the solution won't work, but that doesn't seem to matter. I wrote about the current state of crowdfunding a few weeks ago in why are so many tech crowdfunding projects such a mess?

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Crowdfunding desk

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