Aimee Pearcy

Aimee is a contributing editor at Pando.

  1. Twitter censored DDoSecrets and made BlueLeaks an even bigger deal

    Twitter is making it increasingly clear that it is clamping down on what it allows to be published on its platform.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Twitter desk

  2. 'Picking a fight' with Apple was always Basecamp's marketing strategy

    “If you think a competitor sucks, say so. When you do that, you'll find that others who agree with you will rally to your side. Being the anti-______ is a great way to differentiate yourself and attract followers.”

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Apple desk

  3. IndieGoGo shows COVID-19 profiteering at its absolute worst

    There's always a crowdfunded solution -- even during a pandemic. It's often glaringly obvious the solution won't work, but that doesn't seem to matter. I wrote about the current state of crowdfunding a few weeks ago in why are so many tech crowdfunding projects such a mess?

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Crowdfunding desk

  4. Snap Minis will make Snapchat the all-in-one Gen Z operating system

    Last week at Snap’s Partner Summit, Snapchat announced several huge updates. The platform will be adding new navigation tools, new augmented reality experiences, updated map features. One of the biggest announcements was 'Snap Minis'.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Disruption desk

  5. It's still too early to celebrate Amazon's Rekognition moratorium

    A couple of days ago I wrote a post about Jeff Bezos’ virtue signalling. Now, just two days after IBM left the facial recognition market, it looks like Bezos has finally logged out of his Instagram account.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Surveillance Valley desk

  6. Jeff Bezos' virtue signalling is working

    While IBM pledges to stop working on facial recognition technology, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos sits at his computer and trawls his Instagram inbox looking for controversial screenshots that will make people buy more stuff from him.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Amazon desk

  7. Amazon’s next big rival will be a livestreaming video app

    There’s an entire world of unboxing videos on YouTube. Give a kid a tablet and they’ll sit glued to the screen for hours, staring in fascination at close-ups of hands cracking open toy eggs and pulling apart bits of goop. This strange ‘poopsie slime surprise kits unboxing’ has over 12 million views.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the China desk

  8. Big Tech dreams about ‘changing the world’ - it can start by ending harmful contracts

    Over the past week, tech companies have flooded social media with words of support to protestors fighting against racial injustice. But the response by many brands to the death of George Floyd has felt so hollow that there are already memes circulating on Twitter.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Politics desk

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