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Angus is an Australian and a recovering China geek. He has a bad habit for baijiu-infused cocktails, which are sadly lacking in his current location of London. You can follow him on Twitter.
  1. Yes, the Chinese are the Borg. And yes, they are spying on you

    “Yes, the Chinese Army is spying on you,” read Bloomberg Businessweek’s February 18 cover. Nowadays, it seems everyone is being hacked left-right-and-center, from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to Twitter and Evernote. And in every case, often before there’s even any substantial evidence, there’s a whisper in the air – China! The highly sophisticated multi-year hacking campaign uncovered by Kaspersky Lab was dubbed “Red October” (tongue-in-cheek coming from a company founded by a former KGB member?), and is thought by a number of analysts to have originated in China. But Mandiant, with a flair for publicity, pulled no punches in their February 19 report linking the infamous “APT1” to Chinese PLA “Unit 61398.”

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