Anthony P. Lee

Anthony is a general partner at Altos Ventures, where he invests in software, mobile and Internet startups. He prefers working with bootstrapped companies led by pragmatic founders and has himself fallen into The Series B Trap too many times. Read his blogs here or follow him on Twitter @aplee.
  1. The Series B trap – and how to avoid it

    Over the last two years, much has been made of the “Series A Crunch”, a steep drop-off in the number of seed-funded companies that are able to close an institutional Series A financing. For the companies that make it that far, there is another financing pitfall – something I call the “Series B Trap”. This one is just as fatal and even more heartbreaking because it is highly likely yet entirely avoidable. I’ve been a part of it as entrepreneur and investor, and my experience was confirmed reading an old Fred Wilson post on why venture-backed startups fail.

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