Ariel Diaz

Ariel is an experienced entrepreneur with an incredible passion for education. He is the co-founder of Boundless and YouCastr. Ariel also founded a consumer Web consulting company and has worked in management consulting in Boston, MA.
  1. Re-thinking education for the Internet Age

    People talk now about the education system being "ripe for disruption." However, this has been true for hundreds of years, not just since the advent of the Internet Age. The current lecture model of teaching was developed before the printing press, where one person would read the only copy of a book, and the rest of the room would take notes. The invention of movable type enabled lower cost printing onto paper. And as the printing press spread throughout Europe, it facilitated the distribution of Bibles, pamphlets, and early academic work. These two modes of teaching were developed in the Middle Ages, and yet they still dominate today’s educational landscape.

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