Ben T. Smith, IV and Mark Menell

Ben T. Smith, IV is the CEO of Wanderful Media, where he spearheads the company’s efforts to reinvent local discovery shopping. Mark Menell is COO & CFO of ShopRunner. Follow them on Twitter: @bentsmithfour and @markmm.
  1. The dumb things we say in the startup world

    You've got to give them credit. Entrepreneurs are the ultimate financial salmon, swimming upstream against a tidal wave of practical, operating, and financial disasters. The result is dedication and perseverance, yet under the pressure of building a startup from scratch, many entrepreneurs tend to develop an overly acute tunnel vision. These are the entrepreneurs that author the 100 slide PowerPoint investor deck where the last 99 slides try to convince you why you should invest after the first slide convinced you not to.

    By Ben T. Smith, IV and Mark Menell , written on

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