Cyan Banister

Cyan Banister is a partner at Founders Fund, where she invests across sectors and stages with a particular interest in augmented reality, fertility, heavily regulated industries and businesses that help people with basic skills find meaningful work. Prior to joining Founders Fund, Cyan was an active angel investor with a portfolio including Uber, Thumbtack, SpaceX, Postmates, EShares, Affirm and Niantic, creator of Pokémon GO.

A self-taught engineer and entrepreneur, Cyan has held a number of technical leadership positions throughout her career. As an early employee at IronPort, which was acquired by Cisco, Cyan oversaw support infrastructure and performance for a global customer base.

Cyan is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Zivity. She has a passion for the arts and is a voracious film, documentary and media consumer.

  1. Boiling The Frog

    Make no mistake that any business we do with a Chinese corporation we are doing indirectly with the Chinese government. There are divisions of Chinese companies whose sole job is censorship. Chinese laws demand work for the national security interests of an overreaching and cruel government. Those in Hong Kong know that if they end up in China, they may never be seen again and that there isn’t such a thing as justice there.

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