Ethan Austin

Ethan Austin is the co-founder of GiveForward, a website that provides families and friends with online fundraising pages to raise money for their loved ones' out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Connect with him on Twitter or on his blog Startups and Burritos.
  1. Customer Service Lessons I Learned from AngelList Co-founder Naval Ravikant

    Let me start off by saying, I'm a pretty big AngelList fanboy. When we were raising our seed round for GiveForward in 2011 we turned to AngelList and, because of it, we ended up oversubscribed. But that's not why I'm a fan. I'm a fan because the customer service lessons I learned while interacting with AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant will last me a lifetime. I hope they can be as helpful to you as they have been to me.

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