Gaby Goldberg

Symbolic Systems at @Stanford. 2020 Fellow at @BessemerVP. Summer Investment Associate at @ChapterOne. Follow me @gaby_goldberg.

  1. The invisible labor of content moderation

    Have you ever taken a look at Facebook’s content policies? Or Twitter’s? Probably not — they’re decently hard to find, and most social media platforms don’t necessarily go out of their way to advertise their moderation policies.

    By Gaby Goldberg , written on

    From the Culture desk

  2. Curators are the new creators

    We’re experiencing a content overload. There are an average of 550 new social media users each minute, and over 40,000 search queries on Google every second. The Facebook like button has been pressed 13 trillion times, and each new day welcomes another 682 million tweets.

    By Gaby Goldberg , written on

    From the Future of Journalism desk