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PhD student at Northwestern University, hoping people and machines can get along better.

  1. An unemployment chart that practices data feminism

    As articulated by authors Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren Klein, Data Feminism is “a way of thinking about data, both their uses and their limits, that is informed by direct experience, by a commitment to action, and by intersectional feminist thought.”

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  2. What We Learned About Editors vs. Algorithms from 4,000 Stories in Apple News

    If you check Apple News on June 4th, you'd find a “Spotlight” about the U.S. protests that features rights for protestors, educational resources, mental health resources for BIPOC, and a list of organizations where you can donate to support racial justice:

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  3. This sketchy app shows up first in the Google Play Store for “contact tracing”

    Today I read that some official contact tracing apps had been released in the United States, so I checked if any were available in my area. I went to, typed in “contact tracing,” and here’s what the results looked like:

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