Jeremias Adams-Prassl & Abi Adams-Prassl

Jeremias Adams-Prassl is a Professor of Law at Oxford University. He is a leading expert on technology, innovation, and the future of work, and the author of Humans as a Service: The Promise and Perils of Work in the Gig Economy.

Professor Abi Adams-Prassl is a Senior Research Fellow at the Economics Department, University of Oxford. She works in labour and behavioural economics, and is the Co-Founder of the Covid Inequality Project. Abi tweets at @abicadams.

  1. It's the beginning of the end of the 'Uberisation' of work

    Founded as an upmarket limousine service in California just over a decade ago, Uber today provides cheap taxi rides in thousands of cities across the world. The company has consistently maintained that it is merely a ridesharing platform – which, crucially, means that it does not employ its drivers.

    By Jeremias Adams-Prassl & Abi Adams-Prassl , written on

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