Jonathan Tapson

Jonathan Tapson is Acting Dean of the School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Western Sydney and does research on biologically-inspired electronic sensors and systems. 
  1. MOOCs and the Gartner Hype Cycle: A very slow tsunami

    A lot can change in a year. Twelve months ago, the traditional universities were doomed, condemned to irrelevance by an onslaught of MOOCs. Not every last one of them was going to die; Sebastian Thrun said that perhaps ten might survive. This was not very reassuring for the executives, staff, students, and alumni of the 20,000 universities which don't fall into the top-10, when ranked according to the criterion: "Universities which will survive MOOCs." We haven't yet seen this category in the Times Higher Ed rankings, but we are sure its appearance is imminent.

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