Mark Chu Cheong and Dan Greenberg

Mark Chu Cheong is the West Coast Director of Sales at Sharethrough. You can follow his musings regarding digital media, the Lakers, and the impending "Arrested Development" reboot via @markchucheongDan Greenberg is the co-founder and CEO of Sharethrough, the leading native video advertising company. A Stanford graduate, Dan was recently named to the Forbes "30 Under 30" list and has been honored as an Ad Age Media Maven. You can find him on Twitter at @dgreenberg.
  1. Native Ads Part Deux: The Growth of Open Native Advertising

    While the display advertising industry has somehow managed to fend off the choir of “banner ads are dead” for the past half-decade, it seems as though the growing unrest with interruptions has finally put the chink in its pre-roll and banner armor.

    By Mark Chu Cheong and Dan Greenberg , written on

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