Mark McGuire

Mark is President and co-founder of Nextt, has co-founded three high-tech startups over the past 13 years, including (acquired in 2007 by Corporation Services) and (acquired in 2007 by Microsoft). Mark escapes from the digital world to the outdoors with his wife and kids for wilderness canoeing, fly-fishing, and sailing, and loves to connect with friends for Friday night fish-fry dinners (it’s a Wisconsin thing). You can follow him on Twitter here.
  1. You can't quit social networks. Get used to it

    It seems like every week there’s a new study or article published bemoaning our hyper-networked existence. Social media, and Facebook in particular, makes us lonely, fuels FOMO (fear of missing out), and turns our lives into continuous digital highlight reels.

    By Mark McGuire , written on

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